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Same for me... My game is "up to date"
okay, heres the deal !
click your start button
-All programs
-Press Diablo III
-Diablo III - uninstall

When u've done that, go to your battle net account and click the diablo icon. then press download game client.
Heres the "tricky" part. just beneath the "full game client" it says "English (US)" or "English (EU)". you must have the right game client, if u live in eu then you have to download to eu client otherwise the "already running feature" will apear again.
I had the same problem and I wont do all those programme thingy...

Its Blizzard who should take note, Ive played a number of Online Games and I hadnt met such a problem.. Had a new patch and restart the game to acquire it, shouldnt it had mention it during the Patch Loading ?? How come you only mention it when Im logging it that I require new updates?

This is so error, sooo error. Please fix it , even DOTA 2 in Steam doing well.
So dissapointed in you blizzard.
this issue happened to me i play on us servers in diablo and im worried about trying those plans above to fix the issue and if they dont work how im going to get it back to normal...i run on the US but do have a character on the EU server if i can change it will it matter? also this has happened at 4:17 am CEST so i dunno if i got the time wrong on the clock gadget
i had the same problem after the last patch, i had a EU version and played on the NA servers.

The fix: download the game according to the area you wanna play in ...

it takes a little longer than just downloading the language pack but it will work!

Nothing bad will happen to your chars ... it will only make your game and future patches work.
cuppycakes do u mean the full game client?
yes the full game client!

There are a few troubleshooting posts on this forum but i found it easier to simply download the game again without messing around with the notepad.

if you keep changing the region/languages in your account, the account might get a temp lock because of suspicious activities (happened to me when i tried the language "trick" )

be sure to pick the correct game client when you do this (it will probably be english (US) since you are on the US forums ^^)
Same here... i played awhile ago Euro server... but this time still having same trouble...
Me too, I can't start the game.

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