Always downloads patch when I start up game

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So I have a problem that seems like everyone has when I've done research on here: Every time I start D3, it says updating blizzard launcher ALTHOUGH I HAVE ALREADY. It usually takes hours for it to update too is whats worse. So in summary I let it update and play the game, but when I close out of it to start back up it says the same thing "updating blizzard launcher" and I must wait hours again for it to finished. If it matters any, it's installed on my external HDD.
This also happens to me.
I own the hard copy, downloaded it and installed it from the disk, its ALWAYS in the drive, why can't I just play the game I paid for? ( I mean get to the login in screen to realise there is more maintaince or servers shut down for sometime. I'll just play single player offline then.....)
I have the exact same problem it's really quite frustrating (I purchased the game from the Blizzard site however)
I have it installed on a secondary internal drive aswell btw.

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