Manaless WD

Witch Doctor!WZX!accccb

You just keep spam dart/bomb depends on the situation, since both of them are primary, it cost very little mana, and since it cost so little mana, Blood Ritual is pretty much free 1% Life Regen without downside

same with Pierce the Veil, 30% mana cost means nothing when you only spam primary.

however, keep in mind, it's 30% extra mana cost + 15% from your life, therefore, it's close to 20% (15% x 1.03) of the original mana cost that's taken away from you life per cast.

some other combination for mouse left/right key
dart/acid cloud - however, i feel acid cloud have slower animation, and i could offset the damage by spam more bomb within the same time-frame

bomb/haunt - i like dart better when it comes to single dmg spam

i use horrify to setup SH, so i can either SH/spirit walk or SH/horrify depends on the situation, and still have 1 more escape button.

you are welcome to replace Horrify with others like Hex, Big Voodoo or Fetish Army.

and the best part of this build is never have to worry about mana, all u do is spam spam and spam.

idea is to get spammable single and aoe spell and boost it with passive and SH

Feel free to make any constructive suggestion.
any reason behind that particular gargantuan rune? most people seem to run with the enrage one (including myself) or the poison cloud one (for poison damage reduction build). With the enrage rune he can basically solo elites in nightmare which can be a huge help sometimes.

So yeah, wondering about that. Otherwise looks pretty interesting. With good gear it seems like this would be a nice one for bosses.
You need more then one escape button for the later difficulties. It can get really nasty more then once per encounter and you'll find yourself on the short end of the stick if your solo panic button is on cd.

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