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I have an ASUS U56E-BAL7 and I am looking boost performance a little bit and hopefully make the game run a bit smoother.

Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 2500K 3.30
UMA graphics

if you need any other specs just ask and i will get them for you but what are some suggestions in streamlining performance. I understand that it is not the 'prime' set-up but i know there are some things that could be done. Spam and trolls need not reply. Thanks for the suggestions in any case.
Not a lot you can do. HD 3000 can only go so far. Only way to actually see improvement in performance is to get a new graphics card.

But you said you have a laptop? Your CPU is a desktop CPU.
really? that was the specs that I was under the impression i had. let me look a little bit and see if that is actually what is in here.
Intel Core i5-2450 CPU @ 2.50GHz

my bad

Laptops cannot have their graphics card replaced in most situations, and there's nothing you can really do, once again, to improve your HD 3000 performance.
alrighty well thanks anyway
I'm looking into purchasing a new laptop and I was looking at your exact model and was wondering if it indeed runs Diablo 3 and if it is a sufficient enough type. I know you indicated you want it to run a little smoother (d3) so im assuming it supports it. It's not that slow is it, also taken in consideration your internet speed. Thoughts and concerns greatly appreciated. Looking to get the laptop today or tomorrow.

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