Demon Hunter, no melee for you?

Demon Hunter
I just finished the game with my barbarian and decided to roll a DH. My intention was create a melee based DH but I dont think thats possible. Browsing thru his skills I just saw things for ranged attack.
Can we possible roll a DH with sword/shield or dual wielding swords?
You can't dual-wield anything apart from hizzys (hand crossbows) and the DH can't use any melee 2hs. Any abilities that are not based on arrows, however, can be used with a melee weapon - such as Impale and Grenades. That will only make you a pseudo-melee obviously though because they are still ranged attacks. Technically you could put on a sword and shield and use these abilities and run into melee range (bad idea DHs are squishy as hell) or just use them from a range. It may be "viable" in the strictest sense of the word but it's going to make you do garbage damage and be almost useless in a team situation. It cuts the number of abilities you can use in about half (even more for damaging abilities). It also makes it so you can't use a quiver which is a HUGE drop in damage. Sure you could slap 6 abilities together in a build that don't require you to use a ranged weapon, but your dps is going to be hurting and you can't take advantage of all the different playstyles that the DH has when you use a melee weapon.
Yeah, I wanted to play a ninja too but apparently we have to stick to the dh...
You die in 1hit from hell+ as a DH. Being melee would be difficult. Monk can be your ninja.
Oh well I will stick with the range combat then. Thanks. I will play with a monk on my third run. DH looks cooler and dashing.
If you really want a different melee class, wizard does better than demon hunter.
05/18/2012 03:44 PMPosted by HomoAvenger
If you really want a different melee class, wizard does better than demon hunter.

Sad, but true. I kinda think all the classes should have melee and range options, even if they specialize in one or the other. I'm really not sure why wizard got this but DH didn't.
Oh thanks for the tip, Avenger.

And Einlanzer I totally agree with you. Builds should be more flexible here... I dont want to be that guy, but even in DII you can make a bowadin... People always like to try new things with their builds.
There are a few niche builds which work in terms of number crunch but making them actually work in real terms is another matter lol.

Start with grenades + sword/board and go from there. Viable..., wouldn't recommend it for inferno or even hell tbh.
You can do it up with a 2-Hander or 1-Hander+Shield & get away with some form of melee, still a nubcake idea for the class 100%.
I've seen several builds for an aoe-oriented melee DH. The problem is that it requires you to be lvl 59 to use the build. I plan to try it once I get up there, but I'm 32 at the moment so it will be a while.
Why 59? Which skill/rune combination are you referring to? I originally thought you meant shuriken cloud, but you unlock that at 57. :o

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