I need a good computer- recomendations?

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I !@#$ed up cause im not great with computers so i have this Intel computer and it cant run diablo due to graphic card errors. Is there any way to buy a new computer that isnt a rediculous $2000 robot. Im willing to spend up to $900 for a new computer, and i dont want to build it and by all the parts. I heard they sell XPS Dells at staples and i was reading about the XPS 630i and it specs seem super nice and it is supposedly, "meant for gaming" yet it runs on intel, so is it not going to work? If anyone knows more about XPS dells that would be great.
See this guide:

Especially the GPU part.

You will learn what graphics card you need to see D3 run well.
You might be able to add a graphics card to your current computer and avoid buying a whole new system. This would be a good approach if you are looking to upgrade only to run Diablo 3.

Do you know if you have a spare PCIE x16 slot in your computer? Check here if you don't know what to look for: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCI_Express#Form_factors

Also, can you provide your other computer specs (CPU, Memory, Power Supply)?
Nope ): the comp is a 2011 laptop i heard you cant upgrade it. thanks for the thread!! and what do you guys know about XPS's they look sexy

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