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Witch Doctor
Hello fellow WD's, ITT I wanted to discuss some of the possible issues we may run into and what people have in mind to make the best out of it. Currently i'm lvl 58 and running the only build (give or take a few abilities) that really allows us to maximize our DPS and maintain survivability.


Now, as this build does dish out some serious DPS while allowing me to escape and heal in certain situations, I do not like the fact that I feel kinda forced to run with this build. I understand people may argue that some other abilities are strong and worth using but in any case, it comes down to burning 4 abilities to sit on CD and allow Vision Quest to kick in to maximize dps.

What i'm extremely curious in is some suggestions on what a good build for ENDGAME PvP would be. Currently im playing around with a DOT build, throw in with some survivability, but imagining the build working in PVP doesn't seem to be feeling as good as I want, granted I cannot judge untill its released. Here is my current DOT spec on what id like to try for PVP. Again, its not perfect and doesnt feel too fluent so please post your suggestions or specs you think would be variable.

I've also been playing with pvp dot builds. I think with a dot build, you must anticipate a long fight and therefore survivability is key. Haunt should have grasping spirit when fighting melees so you would always have a -30% slow to try AMD avoid getting hit. I agree with your spirit vessel and walk, they are essential for avoiding snares and stuns. The other two passive should increase your defense even more so I think bad medicine and the other 20% resistance is needed. As for spirit barrage, darts with splinter deals 10% less damage but require no mana at all.
And also, don't know how well dot builds will work against monks, as they have ridiculous healing ability.
Stop limiting yourself, there are at least 5+ effective builds in Hell.
try that, total destruction all the way through hell
You do not need to run Poison Dart (Splinters). Vision Quest can let you spam Zombie Bears or Dire Bats just fine (well, depending on a variety of factors, since Zombie Bears are damn expensive). Try adding another skill with a CD, like Wall of Zombies (Pile On) or Gargantuan (Big Stinker if you run Bad Medicine, Restless Giant if you don't).

Here is what I have been tinkering with recently:

I personally run Dire Bats. They're a lot cheaper than Zombie Bears, and with Pierce the Veil, they do comparable damage (there is a range vs AOE tradeoff).

Soul to Waste is great because it let's you waste Soul Drain two times before having to actually cast it on something again.

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