Character disappeared (NOT on another server)

Bug Report
I had a level 60 DH that I played up until this morning. Logged out for an hour or so, came back and it was gone.

It is not on any other server, and it was not deleted (even if it was there would be a undelete green arrow, there is NO evidence it ever existed on the hero select screen, but I have all my achievement points. Doesn't list it under my heroes, either).
I have a similar issue I logged into find my characters equipment, gold and, stash gone. At first I thought I had been hacked except my account password was not changed and also a lot more of the campaign had been done then where I was at last night except my character is the same level at the same point on the experience bar as he was yesterday. On top of all this the parts of the map that I have explore have all reverted back to unexplored.
I went on my account this morning, My only character, my acheivements, my items and my auctions were all gone.
What the hell is going on
Anyone else having this issue?
why doesn't anyone try to answer this problem. I just login too and i did not have a choice but to update my game before playing and after all my character gone except one that i started with and she was back to level 3 from 52 why blizzard doesn't fix this?

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