My skillsets for WD

Witch Doctor
There are way too many threads saying wd sucks. Well in my opinion they don't.

I saw some threads saying wd sucks when they first enter nightmare. Well here is my build

This is when i was around 33!VdZ!aZZZaa

My reasoning:

Poison Dart with splinter
-For now this skill in my opinion is the best 1v1 skill
-They cost 10 mana which regen in a second
-Total 180% of damage as poison

Spirit Barrage Well of Souls
-This skill is good when you are facing elites. They deal quite a nice damage if you look carefully
-Down side is they seek out strange things at times. Like crates and all those etc item

Spirit Walk Honored Guest
-Your only escape mechanism nothing more nothing less
-Choosing Jaunt or honored guest doesnt matter now

Gargantuan with Restless Giant
- Your primary tank, be it you are going solo or not. Use it
- Restless Giant have a sexy buff - 200% physical dmg when facing elite mobs
- This is good when you are dealing with big boss (ie. butcher/diablo)
- While you run around prevent fatal wounds your pet attack for you

Haunt with consuming spirit
- Basically this is just for you to do some DOT for monster
- The hp regen helps abit but not very significant your main hp regen comes from hex

Hex - Hedge magic
-Turn mob into chicken
-It turns elite into chicken too
-I haven seen it turn big bosses into chicken though :/
-this skill is going to your pri healing skill
-For now it heals 1.8k hp for me around 5 seconds once. ( I am 53 now)

-Spirit vessel
- A free second life for you, it saved me alot of times
-Zombie Handler
- Epic buff for your gargantuan
- 20% hp means 20% more hits he can take from monsters
-Jungle Fortitude
- Description says all

EDIT - Adding my 4x/5x skillsets in later
WD is not but your build is
thats my build when i am around 30
How did you manage to get 2 defensive skills as active skills?
Options --> Game play --> Elective mode
05/20/2012 10:05 AMPosted by Mazauski
Options --> Game play --> Elective mode

Thank you so much! :)

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