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What makes an item appealing to players to use, I think I'm getting the hang of it a little more being new to the diablo style games..

Stats over all else? When and how should I price items?

My best guess is similar stats of a primary stat and vitality with a socket or two or three.

Lets say I find a chest piece that's a 128 armor with 54 vitality and 3 socket pieces is this a valuable piece of gear?

Just curious.. thanks in advance.
Any advice to a diablo noob?
I've actually made myself a list for knowing when to junk an item or not. This is all in my opinion and doesn't necessarily reflect the value of each attribute:

In order of preference, divided into category

X - X Damage
X - X Elemental Damage
% Bonus Damage
Attack Speed
Intellect/Dexterity/Strength (based on class, generally not helpful in combination)
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage

Bonus Life %
Life Regen / Second
Physical Resistance
Elemental Fire Resistance (For Mortars, Molten, Fire Chains, and Desecration)
Elemental Resist to All
Elemental Arcane & Poison Resistance (For Plague and Arcane Enchanted)
Elemental Resistance (All others)

Special: These are usually only useful if they are in with a combination of the above categories
Magic Find (Can be useful by itself in high amounts)
Life Steal % (Actual value of life steal % is yet to be determined as DPS has not stabilized)
Life Steal per Hit
Experience (if item level is under level 50, otherwise useless)
Resource Bonuses
Gold Find
Chance to proc X effect (Bleed, Stun, Knockback, ect)
Level Requirement Reduction (Only high values, like >20, are useful)
Ignores Durability Loss (Since repairs are so cheap this is mostly useless)
Health Globes +X life (Mostly useless unless someone is making a special build)
Thanks! That helps some
As far as how to price your items just check the auction house for the same item with similar stats.

For example if you spawn a rare ring with:

14% Attack Speed
54 Intellect
54 Strength
87 Vitality
+102 Armor

Then type in a search for a ring for at least 12% attack speed, at least 90 armor, and at least 80 vitality and see what comes up. I don't have access to the game at the moment but off the top of my head this item would be somewhere around the 250,000 - 300,000 gold range. (Attack speed is ridiculously good and armor is very rare stat for a ring)

The more you search the auction house the more you'll get used to whats common and whats not.

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