Poison darts vs firebomb main attk hell/infer

Witch Doctor
Which one would be better used as a main attack in hell and inferno? I was using fb with fire pit for a long time, all the way through nm but I see many wd's using pd with multi dart over it as a free cost attack.
I used both, i think that the poision dart is "faster" and there for it can do alot of damage fater then the firebobm, i used firebomb all the way to lvl 50 or so...

But it is a hard question, somebody gotta know.
depends on if u need aoe
Is there any use to the flaming dart? From the tool tip damage it looks pretty bad. Wouldn't the snake dart with the stun chance be the best for high difficulty though? A free stun helps you live more, even if it means you kill things a little slower.
As mentioned in some of the developer diaries prior to release, it is recomended that you have an ability that has a high single target dps output that you can spam (i.e. no cooldown/low mana cost) and other active abilities dedicatedto aoe damage.

Poison darts w/ splinters rune seems to be the standard for your single target dps, with various aoe/utility combinations. In hell/inferno I would personally say that poison darts is much better than fire bomb as you will need to focus down certain targets before others.

Goodluck :D
Kick logic to the curb like me! I went with firebomb as my filler spell and I use spirit barrage as my main mana burning nuke. Still using the flashfire rune at 56 in Hell, until I get the one at 60, but I really enjoy the capability that runed firebomb has of bouncing to targets more than a screen away. Never been a fan of darts myself, but I will grudgingly put it on my bar for boss fights where I need a filler spell with a mana regen rune.

Never liked bears myself, it is even shorter range than da bats.

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