Best Set for Wizard right now?

Items and Crafting
Hi! I was just looking around on AH and notised that there is alot of different sets 4 wizard out there. But is there a "best" one?
Right now energy armor builds use armor with Regen life per second/Intelligence/dexterity

They reduce damage to 1/3 life and use their regen/lifesteal and dodge rate to keep em alive... if you are regenning 2k life per second at 4.7k life and takes 3 hits to kill you, you can skip the gear check..

It will probably get nerfed, but in the long run it wont be the best build anyways, having high armor/resists with 100k + life with perfect gear will probably always be best once the godlies are found

dont spend a lot on the energy armor build atm, itll prolly be nerfed, so maybe try to find 20k pieces

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