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I have been thinking about playing wow since I got a starter code in my D3 CE edition but I have a question before I do. Do you have to pay continually or can you pay for a month when I feel like playing and leave it the rest. Is there a time limit? Will blizzard delete the account or penalise me some other way if I don't play it for x amount of time?
1. WoW requires monthly payment if you want to keep on playing; if you don't want to play, simply stop paying.

2. Time limit for what?

3. No such thing. Unlike certain other MMO shops, your account will never be modified in any way no matter how long you don't play (except if a hacker gets a hold of your account).
Just to emphasize what Kalg has stated.

WoW has a monthly subscription cost, with several plans available. Recurring payments of 1 month ($14.99 USD), 3 months ($42 USD), or 6 months (don't remember what this one costs) or via time-cards. If you're interested in sporadic play, I'd recommend time-cards (which are available in both brick and mortar stores and in the Blizzard online store).

However, it's per-calender month and not x hours played. If you pay for June and only play on June 13th, your time still ends when June is over.

Finally, Blizzard never deletes characters or accounts. The worst would be that your account is perma-locked/banned for infractions. If you stop playing for 5 years and then come back, as long as you weren't hacked, your characters will be in the state you left them.

If you are thinking about playing and playing sporatically, I HIGHLY recommend an authenticator. While the authenticators are not guarenteed to be 100% hack-proof, to date there have been no hacked accounts with an authenticator (aside from physically obtaining the authenticator).
I think you misunderstood what I ment, I know you have to pay to play. What I mean is what happens if I only want to play for a month now and maybe one in December. Do I have to keep paying continually or can I just pay when I feel like playing. I'm not the sort of person who will play games straight, I pick them up and put them down as I feel like it.

I guess the best way to describe what I mean is is it like a prepaid mobile phone number, if you don't pay for access after a certain length of time they cut off the phone am recycle your number. Is it like that or does my account just sit there waiting for me to decide I ready to play again in 2 years time?
Yeah, you can pay when you want to play. As Phaedra said, you can use the time cards instead to make that work. Buy and use the time card only when you want to play. All other times, you don't have to pay (and of course, you won't get to play).

And yes, as Phaedra said, your account will be left alone the way you left it.
When you don't have time on your WOW account, it just goes inactive. Everything will still be there - you just can't access it until you add time again.

However, if you do plan on leaving your WOW account inactive for a time, I HIGHLY recommend adding an authenticator before you do. Inactive accounts are prime targets for hacking, because if you aren't playing, you won't notice the bad things they are doing to your account, and by the time you come back, it could be too late to restore things. The logs needed for a restoration after being hacked are kept for about 3 months.
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What I mean is what happens if I only want to play for a month now and maybe one in December. Do I have to keep paying continually or can I just pay when I feel like playing.

They won't delete your account while you're away. I've taken year-long breaks in-between expansions and all my toons are fine. I even still have my very first lv60 character from the original WoW, that was abandoned long ago when I started over on a different server to join my friends. They keep your account indefinitely, all you need to do is pay up or add a game card and you can resume exactly where you left off.
I have my account with re-occuring payments every month of 14.99..
If i am being charged monthly off my credit, it wont disable anything and will allow me to play when ever i feel the need to correct?
yes, bu i'll recommend making someone happy and asking for a "recruit a friend", that will give you experience bonus and your friend a cool mount......

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