Keybinds for chat scrolling reset after login

Bug Report
So I bind my scroll wheel on my mouse to scroll up and down in the chat box.

So that I can use my page up and down buttons for abilities.

But every time I log off and log back in, I have to re-set them because it kicks it back to my page up and down buttons.
Anyone have any suggestions?
I posted something related at

Key Bindings: Close All Open Windows, Toggle Framerate Display, Take a Screenshot, Master Volume Up, Master Volume Down, Toggle Music, Toggle Sound. Others may also be affected but definitely not all (e.g. Show Items on Ground, Action Bar Skill #, Potion Button, Move, Force Stand Still, Toggle Quests Menu, Toggle Journal Menu, Emotes).

Currently I just have to remember to set them every time I open the game. The one that annoys me is Ctrl-S which toggles the sound. I use Ctrl to stand and attack while S is one of my action keys. If I forget, I still do the attack (OH! I forgot to mention that!) but it toggles the sound as well.

One thing I saw from your post is that it is when you log out and in. I never actually tested that. I left games or exited the client but never saw what logging would do.

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