Stats for Act 3 Inferno

Finally cleared act 2 today after farming act 1 for the last 4 days

I stepped into act 3 and it felt like I was at the beginning of act 2 all over again. What stat values should i be looking to hit before trying to truck through act 3.

Currently I have:
8998.25 dps unbuffed
38795 hp
(All defensive stats are with WC/impunity)
8532 armor
908 min resist in all
and im currently using this build!bVe!aabccZ

Any and all help would be appreciated thanks

I have no problems. Probably dps problem.
my god that damage is I just need to farm up another 600 strength with same res and armor to clear.....ugh
Do what pharmosh is implying.

Loose about 20k HP (i'm assuming you are way north of 60k), and convert it all into dps stats.
I find that if you skimp on dps, vit, str, armor or resists you'll have a problem. Need a good balance of all of them.
so it looks like a vit and str increase and a nice 1k dps 1h should so me straight for this then thanks for the advice ...I guess ill take less damage if the mobs are just dead

Back to act 1 butcher runs for the next couple of days

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