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So im at act 2 inferno right now, and atm against belial, and i have no survivability. im a pure glass cannon and i believe that might not be the way to go, because the only way to survive the first two parts is to either, not get hit once, or tank your way through. Im wondering fellow dh's, how do you build your character and what stats are your higher priority other then dex?
bro same problem..
there has to be someone out there that has done belial post-nerf.
This is a question I've been trying to tackle for the last few days. I'm in act 2 inferno and I realized I can't really progress further in the game(solo at least) without a gear overhaul.

What I can tell you is that stats give you diminishing returns in a lot of cases, so it makes sense to get some resist all gear, gear with good armor(+armor is nice), strength(adds to your armor, though diminishing returns means you shouldn't worry about stacking it too much), and a good amount of vitality(damage reduction doesn't mean much without the HP).

The challenge is to figure out what numbers are good without going overboard and making them too hard to obtain without sacrifice. Resist all gear totaling 100-150 makes sense to try, and perhaps maybe 150-200 strength from gear(not a terribly high number at level 60, but enough to take advantage of at least a small damage reduction boost). Vitality you'll want as much of as you can possibly get without sacrificing too much DPS in the process.

I'd also say that your bow, quiver, hands, rings, and amulet are going to be the most critical when it comes to your DPS, that's where you're going to get increased attack speed, increased crit chance/damage, +damage, etc. Your helm, shoulders, wrists, pants, boots, belt, and chest are going to be where your defensive stats come from mostly. There are exceptions to these and consider it a huge bonus when you can get defensive stats on offensive gear without sacrificing much offense or vice versa.

I'd imagine those that already beat inferno and have soloed it and gotten godly gear for DH can probably elaborate on the numbers better than I can, but those are my current goals.
what you say makes sense about focusing on ur dps on those few items u say, and defense on the others. Iv been pretty much using all of my gear focus'd on damage, perhaps thats where you must stop being greedy for dps and focus on survivability. Its kind of difficult to try to focus on defense when everyone is saying ull get one shot either way, so its a bit discouraging
Yeah maybe I'm in denial about being one-shot either way, but I don't quite believe it. Monks and Barbs I see tank in inferno, so with gear it would make sense that you could boost DH to at least survive a couple of hits. Especially when you take into account diminishing returns.

The Demon Hunter was designed to be a DPS class, it wasn't designed to tank so if all the focus was put into being a tank, it would be inferior to the other classes whether it worked or not. With this in mind, there are modifiers like increased attack speed that you can only find on things like weapons, jewelry, quivers, and hands, with a few exceptions(the Natalya pants I believe have IAS). It's the DH player's first priority to maximize these equipment slots to take advantage of the modifiers that work well with the DH's stats and abilities. After that, you have the other 7 slots with which you have a harder time worrying about offense anyways, so you might as well maximize your defensive potential(diminishing returns means it's best to balance, so this is the time to do it).

So with those final 7 slots, balance everything out to maximum effect as much as possible, and continue to stack dex on top of it. Dex should be on everything if possible, as it increases both your damage and your dodge rate(the latter is diminishing returns, so don't rely on it too highly for defense).

So I guess what I'm saying is: focus on everything. The stat spread on the mentioned gear seems to just be the most logical way to do it.
You dont need massive gear to solo, you just need to do a perfect run & have some luck with minion spawns in phase 1 & 2. You can kite the adds with heavy burden. Get a couple of MS boots and just train att the 2 first phases since the last 1 is a cake walk.

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