Vault direction issue

Bug Report
Something that I have noticed happening quite a few times involves vault and the direction it launches me.

Several times, while my curser is in the lower right quadrant of the screen, I vault to the upper left. Or the lower left. Obviously it isn't just this one direction that it happens, but I wanted to show in the example that it involved nearly opposite, or completely opposite direction.

This has happened while in heavy combat, and at those times I tended to chalk it up to me losing track of my curser, BUT, I have had this happen when I was simply navigating several times.

I have vault on my "1" key, and rest my fingers on "qwer". When I need it, I tap it once. I am pointing this out so there is no confusion about me spamming it, and not accounting for the delay(which is a whole other bug) in vault activating.

I would like to point out that when it happened while navigating, I have seen it happen while my curser was pretty much in the perfect spot to move in a south east, or north west direction. As in, away from any buttons, or graphics, and in the center of the quadrant, and not hovering over anything intractable.

This has killed me more times than I would care to remember, and dying to a difficult enemy is one thing, having my defensive cooldown be random is another.
I stopped using vault for 2 reasons. First, I was just using my Disc about as fast as I got it outside of combat. Second, because it would randomly go off without me actually telling me to and it wasn't in a direction I'd want.

Was very annoying when I vaulted, and it decided to use itself. Right back to where I started. -_-

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