Dushatar, you're my hero.
personnaly i ain't using any of those type of skill , they seems useless unless pvp comes out

Wizards will be ridiculously OP in PvP if Archon is allowed.
I don't get 'everyone using blizzard' it doesnt seem to do !@#$ to rare packs.... they seem to just shrug it off. To me it seems like kiting is inevitable.
06/02/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Nevi
Dushatar, you're my hero.

I love you too mystical stranger.
Survivability is ZERO with Archon

Only reason to use this skill is with Arcane Dynamo with +5 stacks - Cast ARCHON and hold right click until you clear mob. But then again you MUST have A LOT of DPS and expect to melt the mobs before they even come close to you.

But why would you ever use this? You will zero out and die the cool down is not worth the wait.

IMO = useless skill in Inferno unless you have xxx Damage
05/29/2012 07:03 AMPosted by IGN
This thread clearly illustrates what's happening repeatedly on the forums. One big mouth that clearly doesn't have the skill to play inferno, projects and is resolute that another couldn't be having success with a particular build because he couldn't possibly. Inferno isn't for everyone. Its takes a special person to put up wit the cheese and the BS of inferno. BTW No one finishes every game. To everyone crying, turn the s h i t off if its to hard. Your game is done.


After years of reading forums it's amazing that this doesn't ever change. But I guess that's because new gamers are born every day. ;-)
what exactly is zeroing out whilst using archon

it boost yours damage and resistance and has fairly decent spells and each kill in that mode adds a second to its time of use, its all positives and zero negatives, i do 10k dmg with 4k dps with the ground strike that boost speed and slows eniemes and the laser speaks for its self as it mows down whites and specials and yellows

my character sucks and it helps me get though harder spots/areas

so if your character sucks and you still cant use it . . . .. .

anyone who cant utilize this spell for most of their leveling is a tard.
What I hate about Archon and why I don't use it:

ZERO kiting ability. In Inferno, that paltry 40% armor is NOT going to keep you from getting 1 shot.

Archon would be so much better if instead of replacing your skills, it changed the ones you already have to powerful "Archon versions" of that spell. Massive Blizzard. Shoot 3 Arcane Orbs a shot. A pack of Hydras. You get the idea.
I used archon to kill iskatu, and ended up with like 3 minutes of it left. Then I died immediately to oppressors.
You need very high dps for archon to work, it's a completely different build and gear from a normal wizard which is why most people fail at it.
While I use it some time, I'm kinda disapointed we only get 3 "archon abilities" (while one being a big disentegrate). Would have been nice to get 5 skills and a sixth if we rune for it... even if we shouldn't have to rune for skills, we should get more interesting runes instead and teleport / bubble by default...

No you don't.
And no.... it doesn't

But when you lie about it, its so cute

You are an idiot.

Archon is awesome, in Inferno, in every act.

People need to stop listening to what people tell you because 95% of the people have no idea what they are talking about.

PS: Yes I am in Inferno:

How come you don't have any nephilim buff by the time you kill the boss?

Problem with edited videos is it doesn't show the whole story, yes that build is good for certain specific elite packs, but the number of packs you can't use that build effectively against probably far out numbers the ones you can.
And thats the argument against archon, it is a very situational ability, you can't rely on it to be consistently successful across a wide range of scenarios you might find yourself in.

Not saying you cant kite in that build, you have hydra and arcane orb still which is pretty much the same tools the arcane builds use for kiting, but the lack of a defensive ability (teleport/diamond skin/ mirror image) really diminishes the sort of situations you can effectively deal with.

That being said, I used an almost identical build to yours to beat Belial and in a couple of other places in inferno, it certainly has its place.
Dushatar, could you do a writeup of your build for us?

I can see in your YT video which spells you are using, but I'm more interested in the passives, the exact runes, how you value IAS, Crit and Crit damage and what kind of mainhand weapon speed and offhand stats you prefer.

I'm using your build atm (more or less) but struggling with getting my DPS to a really good level. Hence my curiosity about how to value those stats.

I read Dushtar's response on this thread and there should be plenty of information there for you to get started. Basically, you had better stat stacking INT and attack speed to get your dps to the point where you can do some real damage.

I had loads of trouble on Belial til I read this thread and got my gear up. I even had trouble with 40k dps (mostly cause I played like an idiot thinking i was god at that point) and didnt really smash Belial til i could list 47k dps.

After that I decided to keep Archon on my bar for act three and used the following build:!YUe!cbcYZY

I dropped sparkflint for tele/fracture for the dicey situations indoors and managed to clear up through Ghom with relative ease. Archon was the absolute best thing about this build in act 3. Every time a pack of fallen or skeletons would roll my way I'd roll out my facemelter and punish them. The only problems I have now are due to Fast, reflect damage, and mortar sometimes (when I'm playing like a fool).

Illusionists are an Archon Wizs best friend.

I really cant thank Dushtar enough for his idea and I am happy to report success as well through act 2 and 3 so far.
i use it!afb!cbYbYa .... in inferno to soloing act i and beggining act 2
its honestly great to use when farming acts that you can easily clear normally... if you can keep killing the mobs without it falling off you can tear through it in no time.
Thanks OsoVega, the thread you pointed to contained lots of good info on this build.

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