DH + Soul Lashers/Rippers. Advice?

Demon Hunter
Okay. I'm in Act III Inferno and I have the option to completely skip this damned keep section, but I prefer to go through it all. However, I've been having some massive issues with the soul rippers.

If I get a champion pack of them, no matter what affixes, I end up relogging after repairing 3 times. Maybe it's just me - I don't know. But I have never had a problem with a single champion pack on my DH before these a$$es. They're really starting to annoy the crap out of me. So.

How do you guys deal with them? Any tips at all? I'll vault clear out of the way and try to snipe them down, but they're so fast I run out of discipline before I can do anything. I've tried SS'ing and just bursting them down, but the GCD in between SSes kills me. Can't dodge their licks because the animation is way too fast.

In case this is important, I have 40k dps. Using TA/Archery/Steady Aim, no sharpshooter. Current build that has yet to fail me is:
Caltrops (Jagged Spikes or Torturous Ground, depending. I switch between them.)
Vault (Tumble)
Prep (Backup Plan)
Smokescreen (Lingering Fog)
Hungering Arrow (Puncturing Arrow or Devouring Arrow, I switch.)
Elemental Arrow (Nether tentacles).

Any advice on how to deal with these d-bags would be very appreciated.
Going to be hard with that dps unless you're just an awesome kiter. Your best bet is pull them to a room you don't need to pass and die and move on. I know it sucks but progress is still progress until your dmg is higher. Save yourself the repair bills and headaches. That's my advice.
Kite them into a big room. Run in circles around them. All their tongue lashes will miss. They have 2 tongue lashes, short ranged and long ranged. Whenever they use one of them they always follow up with another, then continue to run around.

Depending on what affixes you get this will work. If you get something like Jailer, Waller or Vortex and can't kill them fast enough then it's GG. In that case I kite them with spike traps and hope for some good crits.
@Rollout: Blah. I figured. What dps range do you think I need to be in to be able to deal with them, then?

@Gangaloo: .. Hm, I never tried that. Thanks. So far I've repeatedly gotten ones with fast, invulnerable, and jailer/teleport affixes so yeah not happening. But I'll try that on a less insane combo.
Can you do it at that dps sure, it's going to take a while though and might not be worth the headache. 60+ dps as with anything makes it easier. Depends on your kite skills as well. The combo you got I'd skip mainly because it's just a lot of work to deal with teleport/invul so spending a lot of time laying TG (cow traps) to gain distance. The key is like Gangaloo said tho is circles so their tongues miss you, Straight line kiting doesn't work as well as running around.

Edit: you've probably seen this but it still makes me laugh. Basically you kite them this way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx8UJdoHm7w screaming is NOT optional it helps.
LOL. Hahaha. I'll be sure to try that - screaming included. I like the kid's idea there, drop the bag of food. Sadly, so far all I've been able to determine of their eating habits is they like to eat my face.

Thanks for the tips. And the laughs.
Think of the feed as a caltrap :) and good luck.
Not worth the headache if you struggle too much, i skipped half of these packs....if it makes u feel any better, it gets horrible with the corrupted angels and oppressors in act 4 T___T
Soul Lashers are arguably the hardest creatures in this game, and a clear winner to most devastating champion pack. Best way I have found to deal with them rain of vengeance unruned. Unload some NT damage, as soon as they agro you spam SS and keep using NT, before you die use rain of vengeance. As long as you can get any elite/champion down to 60% or less before you die, you can usually kill it.
Ty RollOut!

Oh god, the angels and their stupid charge attack. Yeah I don't want to think about them just yet. First the Lashers, then the Heralds of Pestilence. Then maybe I can think about those darn angels.

@Ktu: Thanks. I'll try that if the above strats don't work, so I don't lose my NV buff just yet.
If you can't kill them in 1.5 seconds, die.
05/30/2012 02:22 PMPosted by Aravis
If you can't kill them in 1.5 seconds, die.

Wow, how helpful. No thanks.
If you can't kill them in 1.5 seconds, die.

Wow, how helpful. No thanks.

No, he's right. Expect to die multiple times from Soul Lashers that appear out of thin air. Only way to beat them is to die, know their location, rez, head over there again, and do random smoke screens in hopes they will pop out, then try to dps them down before they disappear again.
What, you think there's some magic bullet that lets you smoke lashers? There's a reason everyone hates them and most people just skip them. This is simply the reality of the situation.
Okay. I've been playing WoW too long / got too used to the terrible trolls on these forums. My apologies, lol. Thought it was a troll attack "if you can't kill it in 1.5s you suck so you should go die" kind of thing.

My bad.
Tactical Retreat, Caltrop with Jagged and Shooting Off Screen.

If at all possible try to clear a circular kiting path in the particular dungeon of mobs first before engaging, try to create a kiting path before aggroing them.
OP Slashers.. Oh wait..

XD Yes. Just wanted to Necro this for some reason because look at how "impossible" Inferno was back then.

When people are FORCED to stack mitigation and not epeens :)
or staying 'ranged' for that matter :p

edit: the really hilarious part is that people didn't really have a solution either depending on the elite affixes hehe...just die in a corner and move on lol
Yes. that was then.. Now? We just rickroll them.. Let them come and taste our pewpew XD

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