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In the process of joining a public game, something happened and i could not get past the loading screen. (i let it "load" for 20 minutes for fear of closing the game causing a catastrophic event... i may be nerd psychic)

Following closing the game, i reset my computer - just in case. Rebooted, launched the game and tried to connect. However, now it connects to the server, authenticates, AND retrives my hero list but then subsequently times out to the tune of Error 3006.

Seeing as i can connect perfectly to WoW, and was connecting perfectly to diablo leading up to the load screen loop, i assumed it was not me. But in all fairness i tried all the suggestions on the forums i could find (reseting modems, routers, dns, etc)

Now the only conclusion i can come to is that the blizzard system thinks i'm still logged into Diablo 3 due to me not properly being able to log out. I now fully expect blizzard to ignore my concern or simply tell me that a 3006 error simply cannot be a server-side error and must be an issue with my ::insert component here::.

Perhaps blizzard can prove me wrong and offer some insight as to how to fix my problem, or much more likely a community member has ran into a similar problem and found a potential fix.

In the mean time i'd be willing to bet money that if no resolution is found my problem will mysteriously disappear the next time they reset the server. not because anything is fixed mind you but simply because a hard reset will force log-out my account that i am dead-set on assuming their system believes is still logged in.

Tips, ideas, possibilities, and well really anything accepted and welcomed.

Update: based on new posts, i tried logging into the euro and asian servers, then switching back to the americas server. Result: i log into EU and asia servers perfectly, but still can't get into the americas.
Same problem here with me. "Some" people with similar problems have found success by logging onto the EU/Asia servers and then switching back. You can try it and it may or may not help you. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of those people that got it to work using this strategy.
Same problem here, No luck with any of the suggestions mentioned in other posts.

Just gotta wait it out i guess. sucks.
3 hours... have tried the WOW method... did not work at all... 3006 all the time!
The exact same thing happened to me around the same time. I can Log into EU servers, but I cannot log into the NA servers. A friend of mine that was still logged in has texting me telling me that my name kept appearing as logging in and logging out, even when I was not attempting it. I've got nothing.
same problem here
Same EXACT problem for me, same error, happened around the same time... i was able to try the switch server trick, i was able to log on with the EU server, but when switched back to americas server, froze up again and got error 3006 again...... QQ
Just happened to me. But I was joining and leaving a bunch of games really fast to try and find someone who wasn't afk, so I figured Bnet kicked me or something. But its been 40 minutes now and I still cant get past retrieving hero list: error 3006.
Blizz fix error plz, wasting valuable progression time
Request sticky
switching to europe then back to americas fixed it for me..
Same issue
yeah I'm experiencing it too now. same exact symptoms.
Gotta love these 3006/3007 errors :(
This happened to me last night. I got stuck in the loading screen for about 20-30 mins before I exited and got stuck with error 3006. Now it just happened again. I got stuck with the butcher cut scene not ending. I assume my character died horribly in fire since I never made it past the cut scene but now I am stuck with error 3006 again.
happening to me currently. switching to EU/Asia servers hasnt helped.
Same thing happened to me, no luck with switching realms, but all besides North America im getting timed out. bump

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