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ive got the exact same error as u Torl with the exact same event i had a level 37 monk all was fine then the loading screen got stuck and ever since i cant get into the US server.. i can only join europe and asia... clearly theres a problem here.

i have over 40 rare items on that account and now i cant even get onto it because exactly as torl said every time it gets to the retreive character part of the log in it just gets stuck and says error.

3006 and its not my Pc/parts i have a high end gaming pc i run sc2 at over 200+ fps in full extreme settings... my pc is les than 4 months old whats going on... blizzard
this has nothing todo with d2, this is blizzards fault
I've been putting up with the 3007 error for a few days..
And now I get this... I didn't realize I was getting an error package with this $60 game.. smh..
with all these error messages its like "were" the ones building the game
we would like to talk to the server admins instead of you right now thanks whoever you are at blizzard
same here, been getting error 3006 for the past 2+ hrs... nothing works...
Exactly same thing happened to me too. (about 4 hours ago!)
####------- Error 3006------> Knee -
There must be a lot of children/trolls online at the moment people asking for their money back on a game that was just released, every game has bugs, problems, latency issues on first drop months. Be patient people.
went down for me yesterday, is still down today (16 hours or so). Tried wow, tried other server countries, even loaded SC2. If this happens to you I suggest you find out the next server maintenance time, and then find a new hobby until that time rolls around.
I've run into tons of errors since launch but this is the last straw. It's insane to think Blizzard would have such a sloppy launch. Right down from day 1, I couldn't even install the damn game, took 2 hours of workarounds before it finally started.

Fix your s***** game already.
I am facing the same issue for the past 5 hours .. DAMN!
Seriously... 24 hours later... I STILL CANT PLAY THIS GAME!!

Not one Blue post in the last 2 days. WTF!

god! just stuck in the middle of joining hell act 1 in the public game so force to log out

after try to log again , i got Error 3006. my friend said can see in friend list

FIX THIS Dumb Error!
still no blizzard post in 2 days. wtf blizzard. we are waiting too patiently
Got an item of the AH. Joined a pub game quick to get the item. Long loading screen, alt f4, error 3006.

Oh i was on act1 Hell too.

Been 8 hours now.

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