Error 3006

Technical Support
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DIdn't work for me
Same error here, please restart the US server!
Error 3006! I'm beginning to think that i wasted my money on buying this game...
it is so irritating that i have waited the whole day for Blizzard to do something, at least a update of what is going on but to no avail. stupid error 3006!
3006 =(
Tried my VPN program last night. Didn't do anything. If you can get back online after having the 3006 error after doing something, that something you did, didnt help. It just happend to fix itself in the time you were doing it. I've done pretty much all the suggestions on the forums and none of it helps. This problem is 100% server side issues so the only thing you can do is try again later.

Also, don't join public games after you can get back online. While I've read a couple post of peoples games freezing at other times, it seems 99% of the time its joining a public game that causes the problem.
Thats strange... The vpn or tethering works for me every single time. Seems to be working for others as well. Seems there is more then one issue going around...

Aku make sure your not just using a web tunnel vpn... a good way to check and make sure your vpn is working is to also go to and make sure it's not your ip address it's the vpn one.
Been 7 hours since I played...... withdrawls are setting in. Cmon Blizzard make things happen!
it´s a bug from akt 1...i had this problem a few hours bevor u guys must try all the time this helps to me im bashed the escape buttom durring autoficitaion and woila im online!!! sry for my !@#$ english
Same problem here, Blizzard plz fix it.
Problem wont let me even get on servers
I joined a hell public game on my lvl 52 monk and my loading screen was stuck :(
sooo i quit the game and then when i tried to login again i got this error 3006

this sucks balls!
worse thing is that no compensation is expected, u just cant play for what you have paid.
Why.. why go play in Europe or Asia with other random people other side of the world. I paid to play with my cousins and family friends not that. I will rather break my keyboard than see an Asia character in my game
i wanted to get into asia server,it said error 37.and i can only play it on NA server,Mother f it said error 3006 8 hours ago!!!give my money back!!!
Getting Our Money's Worth On D3
the worse thing is I feel like i'm in the dark about this problem. I don't have the slightest idea if they are closing in on the problem or all the server techs are off on vacation time.

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