How do you dual wield Bows/crossbows

Demon Hunter
I have two one handers but everytime i equip on in the off hand slot or anyslot it unequips the other??
Both of the hand bows have to be single hand.
If one is a 2 hand and one is 1 hand then it doesn't work.
2hand + quiver only
or 1 h + quiver
or 2x 1 h crossbow

Maybe you saw it wrong. Look at it again?
You can only dual-wield 2 one-handed crossbows.

Any 2H weapons aren't dual-wieldable.


1H crossbow + 1H crossbow = Okay!
2H crossbow + 2h crossbow = Not Okay!
im sure they were both 1 handers hmm... mabyee its a glitch
A "light crossbow" isn't the same as a "hand crossbow". You can see the difference in the weapon graphics in the inventory screen, too - a 2h-crossbow has a stock, whereas the 1h-crossbows don't.

I was confused about this too at first.
I'm new to the game. What level or when can I start to dual hand my one-hand crossbows. Thanks.
Anytime you want. Grab two 1 hand crossbows and have at it.

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