Help me with my DH build

Demon Hunter!ace!aaaZZZ

So Left click is Hungering Arrow+puncting.
Right- twin chakram because of mob+ it's damage

1-Caltrop + slow rune

I think slow runes are the best imo since they slow A LOT. While the normal one slows, most demons can just walk past it in like 1-2 seconds. Stunning rune will only keep it for 2-3 seconds then they can walk freely.

2- Vault + stun

Escape, to get hp and stunning people near them etc...

3- Multi shot + reduce hatred rune.

I really like it since it could 1 hit most stuff but i'm having a huge problem with this skill..
(this one i'm having a really big problem with... I'm a lvl 29 with 440 dex and my damage right now is 330 ish. I use two 1h crossbow and I'm wondering how i can get m damage to go up higher. I see my friend using a 2 hand xbox and can 1 shot most mobs with multishot but I can't. Should I switch my two 1h crossbow into a 2handed one?)

4- smoke screen +lingering for 3 more seconds of stealth. (impale +stun if boss)

CC, like vault I can escape.

Thanks for reading.
Can anyone help me fix it?
caltrops sucks, tumble over rumble for vault, chakram blows keep ur multi shot, and get prep with battle scars

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