Auction House - Wrong Price for Gem

Bug Report
I got 2 gems tonight the price displayed was 2000 - ended up paying 2250 each then i came back price was 2000 and then i paid 2500 confirmed price was 2000 after clicking buyout
It happens all the time with gems. You find a gem at a good price, confirm buyout and you pay more. This is a serious issue and should be resolved ASAP.

I also had this happen to me, on a grand scale oops. Bought 2 gems one at a time for 5000 each on confirmation screen. Showed 5000 both times (I was watching for the price to increase just in case because it was such a great price). Checked my Completed tab and it showed that I bought two for 44,999 each instead.

Two pretty serious bugs imo. Not only does it fail to cancel the bid if price increases, but it doesn't refresh the price after you make a purchase.
This seems to be a problem when you have an item for sale much lower than the rest and someone buys it out from under you. If you don't have enough gold, the bid will fail. If you do have enough gold, it will accept the bid for the next highest item without confirming. This is a very serious bug, especially for the Real Money Auction House. It either needs to fail all the time, or bring up another confirmation screen.
I've had this problem also, I just tried to buy 2 Flawless Ruby's. The price was 300g each, so I bought and received the confirmation. Then 5 seconds later I lose 4800g from my stash and ended up paying 2400g each when I was expecting 300g.

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