Diablo Nightmare 4-man Stun Strat with Video

Demon Hunter
Our buddy was close to level 50 so we decided to farm Diablo a couple of times to get his last bubble of exp. Here is the link to the video of us using the stun strat.


I am playing the scrub DH who dies in phase two. =)
Here is my setup.


1 - Elemental Arrow - Screaming Skull Rune (for CCing the clones)
2 - Smoke screen - Lingering fog Rune (I should have been using Breathe deep for more stun output)
3 - Preparation - Battle scars Rune (basically a second health pot)
4 - Marked for death - Mortal enemy Rune
Mouse 1 - Bola Shot - Thunder Ball Rune
Mouse 2 - Impale - Impact Rune
Passives - Archery, Steady Aim, and Vengeance (could have used Cull the weak or Sharpshooter)
The strat is fun until you reach Hell. Bosses and elites aren't affect by stun anymore :/
I noticed that and swapped to Elemental Arrow with Screaming Skull Rune for the Non-boss mobs. Really helps with the elites.

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