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So, I made a hardcore character last night. This isn't my first one, so I know what to expect. I hit level 10 and logged off in New Tristram. As soon as I log on this morning, I'm OUTSIDE OF TOWN AND I GET KILLED. Now, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get some lame @ss apology, "I'm sorry sir, but we are unable to assist you in this matter," but I figured, what the hell, maybe someone from some department will be able to give me a good enough reason as to why I died. Did I mentioned I LOGGED OFF IN NEW TRISTRAM THE NIGHT BEFORE?
After submitting a ticket for this same issue, I was given a generic answer as well. Here's my ticket:

I was playing in Hardcore mode with 2 other people. I was at Level 11 when we defeated the spider boss. Two of us portaled back to Tristram, one guy stayed in the boss's room. I clicked on Leave Game.

From the Main Menu, I then clicked on Resume Game to start my own game in solo mode. When the game loaded, I was no longer in Tristram, but back in the spider boss's room. Completely surrounded by the new game's spider boss and monsters, I died within seconds.

Granted I was only Level 11 so it's not that big a deal, but how fair is that? For future reference, I don't wanna spend weeks leveling a Hardcore character to have something like this happen again. Please address and fix this problem so it doesn't happen again.

But be glad you were only level 10ish.

Also, if you roll back what quest you're on, you are guaranteed to start in town.
It seems that, if you are in a quest, you will always respawn at that last checkpoint. Unfortunately, the only way I can think of that this can be cleared is if you tell the game to restart the specific quest from scratch, otherwise, you'll always end up at that last checkpoint.
something like this happened to my demon hunter when he was lvl 21. i ported to town then logged out. later i logged on and i was in the zone that i ported out of i didnt die from that so didnt think much of it until now
This problem actually comes from the checkpoint system so that you can easily get back to the same spot you left the game in. What you should do before you leave the game is to make sure you hit a checkpoint that is in a safe area. Talking to the NPC in town to finish a quest, or finding a new way point works well.
there are checkpoints and then there are sub-checkpoints, let me explain.

In act 2 where you gather the blood for ZK. If you get the first blood and say make it to the cave of the betrayer part and change quests to go farm the butcher on resume. When doing this you make it to where you have to find both bloods again and go through all that. If you were to leave as soon as you got a sub-check point in the cave of the betrayer and resume without changing quests, then instead of doing the WHOLE quest chain again.. you will start in the entrance of the cave in level one.

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