Skills you use in every single build

Demon Hunter
Smoke Screen w/ lingering rune
Cluster Arrows w/ dazzling arrow

I find myself changing up but those two seem effective in every build, especially ones with high hatred regen like grenades crossbows and grenadier for the cluster arrows.

I don't really know which prim/secondary combo best.

I usually use the entangling w/ 4 second rune and razor rune chakram though
You use cluster arrow in every build? I can't seem to get into it... I'm using it for the first time with my current build. It's very clunky to use, doesn't deal a particularly spectacular amount of damage, and costs an immense amount of rage. I don't understand why anyone would use it.

Personally, I use Smoke Screen, Vault and Caltrops in some form in every single build. Whenever I try to change one, I always find myself at a disadvantage for not having it.

90% of the time I end up with Bola Shot as well.
Yeah I use cluster as well but Im going for more life per hit and regen which I find works well with the items i have atm!Tbg!ZbYcYb

-bola for stun seems to work very well and surprisingly often which is great on bosses
*edit changed impale to bat
- means you can spam cluster much much more... mmmmmm health...
-SP +gloom for sticky situations and most of your health will come back with using bola and cluster
-vault to get out of vortex and other annoying moves, or to grab otherwise hard to reach globes
-aid station because I dont have guardian yet and more health is always better (works well with sp)
-cluster + mael for regaining life in large chunks

for some reason sharpshooter adds one heck of a lot of base damage or perhaps its just calculating the crits in with the dps, but it helps every time tried to play without it and I just dont get the same amount of health back or deal the same amount of dmg

vengence because its awesome every DH should have it globes are like candy and this just makes em sweeter

grenadier because cluster is expensive and if you do die there's a chance you will kill whatever killed you = dont have to try and re-kill it

bola is my main (obviously) use impale and cluster sparingly (you will get used to it)

and thats my build. :)
Finally, someone else who uses bola. I'm only on NM atm but Bola has been wonderful especially when I get surrounded, as nothing else I have can give me some space to then vault away when I'm cornered. I even use the extra explosive range so it basically becomes an accurate grenade.

And... am I the only one using Multishot? It was so good in normal, and I'm still having success with it in NM. I guess it's the aspect that it feels like a shotgun...
Prep+Battle Scars
Mark of Death+Valley
Jagged Spikes/caltrops. Put about 5 down at the foot of a boss and it'll do 250% W/DPS without you even fireing a shot. I just cant rationalize not using them.

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