Rare item in inventory disappeared after DC

Bug Report
While identifying a rare pair of pants which had dropped off of a mob, just as the identify-progress bar was filled an error message popped up that I was removed from the game. I was hosting the session where this bug occurred. When I resumed with my character (I was the only one in my world before and after), I spawned at my last checkpoint and the rare item was not in my inventory anymore. I'm not positive but a couple other random drops which I don't recall exactly seem to be missing too.

Unfortunately I clicked through the error message very quickly and did not catch the number, I remember it did mention the game (using that word) specifically.
In addition (just got back in to resume where I left off), the first group of mobs I encountered where one of those special blue-trio tough mobs we see all over, and they dropped a different rare item (a staff). I was able to identify this one successfully.

Not sure if that's relevant or not but there ya go.

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