Nephalem Valor buff disappearing randomly

Bug Report
I was clearing Act 4 for nephalem valor stacks and the highest I could get it to was 2 before it would randomly fall off. This was not due to the timer running out as it would do it 3 minutes or so after I had just killed a champion pack. This is extremely frustrating as it is not worth killing bosses unless you get the stacks maxed out.

It started doing this around 11:30pm or so on May 19th
Did you change your skills?
No I play a monk and the majority of our skills are 100% worthless so I use the same set up always.
OK never mind I see what it was. Opening the skill tree and clicking on a skill to look through your skills still wipes it.
Just had the same thing happen to me, I was going from act 3 to act 4 and the buff disappeared, still had over 20 mins on it. frustrating.

Is it suppose to go away when completing acts?

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