Infinite SS?

Demon Hunter
Smoke screen with lingering fog lasts 3 seconds for 14 discipline.
Multishot suppresion fire costs 40 hatred and gives 1 discipline per enemy hit.

So if you could sustainably hit 14 enemies every 3 seconds, you could keep smoke screen up forever. But multishot costs a lot of hatred.

Do you think it's possible to increase hatred regeneration to the point where 40 hatred multishot spam is sustainable at a rate that could keep SS up?
Hatred's not the problem, finding 14 mobs to shoot at constantly is. Trash mobs will die in 2-3 hits, and you'll be left with just couple, or even one, tough mobs left, and using 50 hatred for 1-3 discipline is hardly worth it.
Take multishot out of the equation. Get bola + bitter pill, nightstalker, I dont even need perfectionist and I can blast down groups before I run out of discipline. On top of that I still have caltrops and hot pursuit so flanking is piss easy. Im near enough infinite ss and this works in act 3 hell..

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