1h crossbow or 2h bow + quiver?

Demon Hunter
Hi, I am interested in this theory about which one deal the most damage?
2h bow+quiver has the most raw dmg.
if i go for dual wield xbow, will the damage x2 cause i uses dual wield xbow?
no atm dual xbows are behind in damage (at least what the game says no way to verify that)
However upt to lv 5x 1h xbows got about same damage or higher as bows so 1hxbow + quiver is good too.
@Kaiwei No. You're not firing the 1h xbows at the same time. The on hit effects are where the 1h xbow build really shines (i'm guessing?) but the 2h + quiver build gives you at least 10% atk spd on your 2H bow or xbow, greatly increasing your overall DPS.
lv5x 1h xbows got about the same dmg or higher than bows?
What's a good dmg on a bow? at like level 50?
Only major diff is attack speed.
Dual wielding gives you a 15% attack speed bonus while most quivers (some give more) provide 10%

Ideally your off hand xbow should = the dps of your main hand if not it is a dps loss as the bows alternate shots. The only thing I am unsure about is if special attacks (eg fan of knives) always use the main hand for dmg calcs or if that can also alternate.

This does make it a bit harder to get a good double xbow setup over a good single bow/xbow + quiver setup.
See my guide for the pros and cons of each setup:

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