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Witch Doctor
Not sure why but I just cannot seem to grasp what exactly is best for me to be focusing on in order to hit higher. I understand as a witch doctor I should be mainly be pumping int and believe me I have been. But I notice that when I equip a ring that gives 5-10 damage my damage stat gains about 85. I assume this is because attack speed is over 100% but not quite sure. I am wondering if the damage stat is incorporated in the determination of how much damage a particular attack does or if it is just a rough estimate of how much damage you could be doing. So I guess what I am asking for is a very over simplified damage formula such as: Damage stat+int*spell%-enemy resistance=Damage done.
or: Int*spell%-enemy resistance=damage done.
Basically I am just trying to figure out if the damage stat actually effects anything of it it just there to show you potential dps based on your stats.
Pretty sure this is a bit unclear. I'll try to specify if necessary. Thanks!
Yea, I'm actually trying to figure out the same thing. Does Intelligence effect anything other than damage too?
Your resistances, steelfaith.

But you want +damage as well, I haven't found any clear defined source to say otherwise, but you want a HIGH dps weapon from what I've found/read by others.

Priority it looks like on weapons are: DPS > Speed/Intellect I think.

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