Way of the Hukoto Shinken... Combo-Monk Build

So I started talking about this in another post but I'd like to get some more opinions on the build. I am half way through Normal with my Monk going solo and I've starting focusing on building up combo strikes between FoT, WotHF, and CW along with EP in different combinations in order to create the various effects that come out of the 3rd strike in any combo.

Here is my current build:


So far I've loved this strategy; at first I was a little disappointed with the Monk after playing through my first campaign with a really aggressive Leap->Stomp->AoE Barbarian combo. After opening up FoT: Thunderclap and realizing all of the primaries link together, something that I don't think is really elaborated too well in any of the documentation, I started to fall in love with the class.

There are a few things that trouble me with it though...

First off Thunderclap doesn't actually teleport you to your target like it says it does since you can't pass through enemies with it, because you are throwing yourself into the front lines you can quickly get surrounded and overwhelmed; IS:SH and LTK both help with this but I wish that TC worked the way it supposedly does so I could focus on more either group dynamic abilities or another offensive technique like SSS.

Secondly since two thirds of my skills are devoted to attack chains and the other third is devoted to saving myself from being overwhelmed I get the very distinct idea that multiplayer games won't play out well especially with players who will expect me to be their life-line rather than a front-lines tank since IS is the only real party friendly ability I have at my disposal and it will only really help Barbarians in the thick of it with me.

Lastly I am afraid that on later difficulty levels even IS and LTK used together won't be enough to keep me from getting over run, especially with any of the larger mobs that don't suffer kickback. Meaning I would have to slot TR in place of LTK more than likely, which I hate because even though it gets you out of the battle and a sustained rush can give you more life off of Transcendence it's horrible damage and lack of AoE in comparison to LTK is really unforgivable...

With that said, what I've been doing and has worked out wonderfully is actually pretty simple:

FoT -->EP-->FoT-->WotHF-->CW

The FoT draws you into an opponents quick which can then leads into EP, this resets your primary combo so you start over with FoT strike 1 dealing AoE, then WotHF strike 2 dealing out 7 hits to the mobs in front of you, then into CW 3rd strike causing AoE and movement/damage reduction. Best part is the combo is quick enough that as long as you plan the EP against a weak-medium life mob it will almost always pop causing additional AoE.

From their you can either LTK to break up the remaining enemies, or swing into one of the other 5 combinations of the three primaries; it's good to keep in mind that ending combos ending with either FoT or WC are most effective because of the added effect of their third strike.

What you end up with is a pretty effective damage engine for the Monk offering a decent amount of AoE against groups and enough defense to pull out if you get overwhelmed; and of course once Combination Strike is unlocked their will be a basically constant +24% damage buff (potentially +30% since some players have stated EP adds to the buff as a glitch from when it was originally a spirit generator.) There is definitely something really enjoyable about playing a little bit more tactical and focusing one which strikes you are going to land and when in certain situations rather than spamming a single generator to build up Spirit to unleash other abilities or mantra weaving to pile on buffs and letting everyone else do the damage. Plus it's incredibly satisfying to rush into a group of enemies, deliver a dozen hits and then watch half the mobs explode, Kenshiro would be proud...

Ideally if Blizzard changes FoT:TC to make it actually teleport to targets through other mobs (which I doubt they will) I would like to ultimately replace LTK with SSS to give a massive damage increase to the end of the above combo or MoH to provide better group dynamics; but we will see.

With all of that said, is there any advice on what else to try with the build and anyone's experience with a build similar to this during the higher difficulty levels?

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