Diablo fight cage stun BUG

Bug Report
time/place: Fight with diablo
difficulty lvl: nightmare
character: wizard
description: I was doing solo play and fought diablo. Normally, when his life bar is close to 50%, the world change occurs - diablo dissapears and the whole scene is changing to the shadow realm/terror realm. Just before scene change I've used hydra skill. Diablo catched me with his cage spell, then hydra did some damage and the scene change occured. Cage dissapeared, but my character was stunned. Whole scene changed, then shadow clone of my character attacked me. I stood there stunned, couldn't use any skill nor move and watched helplessly as the clone chipped my full bar away. I am quite sure it is bug, I had quite a ot of life and def, full health bar and it took about 10 seconds for the shadow clone to come and kill me.

That's all. Hope description is accurate and helpful.

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