Ias/Atk Speed and your DPS

Hey there,
I found some interesting threads about dps, speed and all that stuff. After reading a lot about the speed in particular a few questions appear to me that may dicisively influence my gear build.

Lets take the following simplified example:

Case 1: I see 10k DPS on paper (Character information) , I cast an Arcane Orb and a Piercing Orb:
-Arcane Orb DMG : ~10k
-Piercing Orb DMG: ~10k

Now I get gloves that have 15% Ias on them.

Case 2: Now i see 12k DPS on my character sheet, again I cast AO and PO:
Arcane Orb DMG: ~12k
Piercing Orb DMG: ~12k

Ist this correct? In what way does IAS affect your ACTUAL DMG YOUR SPELLS CAUSE ON IMPACT?

Let's again look at this in a very easy way: Does the Arcane Orb look at your DPS on the character sheet and then gives a higher number as IAS and DPS increases or do the DPS that show imply that you continously cast spells meaning that IAS would increase your cast rate?

I am really confused about that, if I did not make myself clear, please say so and I'll try to specify my concern.

Kind regards.
Yes, increased attack speed does increase on-hit damage for casted spells, and ticks faster for channeled spells. But I don't think it applies to 1-h wands vs 2-h staffs...not sure, confusing.
So the actual damage that an orb would do (as WELL AS the DPS in the sheet) is higher when I wear IAS?
Yup. I've only tried this with an aspd ring. But I'm pretty sure it would work with any armor.
Arcane Orb does not do DPS. It does damage. The damage on your character sheet is "DPS" or Damage-Per-Second. This is roughly the amount of damage you would do if you were to channel Ray of frost or Disintegrate or some similar channeling spell. However, Orb does a single amount of damage upfront of the same cast each time. Thus Attack Speed does not affect it*.

Does that help? As far as I can determine Attack Speed is beneficial for people who want to make things dead very quickly, especially when channeled spells are involved. I use a Ray of Frost-based build but use a two-hander. This is because, with the lower attack speed, I do not use Arcane Power as quickly, so I am free to channel for much longer than if I used a wand. I am not sure how this affects a lot of spells, but the immediately above data I have tested myself to be true. Staff=damage over a longer time, wand=damage over a shorter time, but you run out of arcane power faster.

*Attack speed evidently does effect how fast you can cast Arcane Orb, but I am not sure to what extent this effect is. It is safe to assume what I provided is still accurate for most purposes. I am pretty sure the amount of time gained/lost with IAS for Arcane Orb would be minuscule.
Thanks for your answers, but I'm still all but satisfied. I am very well aware of the fact that my DPS in the sheet only describe the Damage per second. Still, I don't know if increased attack speed does increase the actual DAMAGE (not DPS) that an Arcane orb might do.

I gave the example already but to make it even clearer, say I cast an Orb with a weapon DPS of 200. The first time I have No IAS on my gear, the second time I have 500% IAS.

Despite the fact that I would cast the second orb insanely fast, the dmg that both orbs (the first without IAS and the second WITH IAS) would do would be the same, am I right?

This is my primary concern, wheter IAS as such increases the DMG of your spells (not the DPS since IAS clearly does that, due to faster cast rates).
Did quick test with pure Attack speed rings.

No attack speed bonus 15k DPS = 5k damage per hit on hydras.
With attack speed bonus 18k DPS = 6k damage per hit on hydras.

Formula for damage of orbs and other on hit spells - DPS * spell modifier.

Can't help you on orbs, as their dmg ranges from 18 - 30k per hit, and it's very difficult to notice a difference, but I'm pretty sure the damage for them is calculated using DPS times spell modifier as well. Not only you cast them faster, but they also do more damage.
Attack Speed is very beneficial to high crit electrocute builds.
As you can see it is very difficult to determine the exact result. The range of the orbs makes it almost impossible to conclude any outcome.

And still we do not have a 100% proof or explicit evidence. The example with the hydras is a hint but as yun said it might be one of the only spells where it applies. I am definitely interested in the orb math though.

I highly doubt IAS affects the damage of each individual orb. As has been said, the "damage" number on your character sheet only goes up because it's actually DPS.

So yeah, you'll do more damage per second because you can toss those orbs out faster, but you'll also run out of AP sooner so it's your decision to make.
I think you are looking at things incorrectly. Arcane Orb doesn't deal damage based on your character sheet's dps, it deals damage based on your weapon damage, which is a different thing. Yes, intellect and + damage affect the damage range on your weapon, but IAS does not, it only reduces the time between your casts in the case of arcane orb.

If your weapon does 50-100 damage, and you gain 10000% increased attack speed, your weapon STILL does 50-100 damage, just at a faster rate. This increase in attack speed will affect your listed dps, but it will not actually affect the damage of arcane orb.

The DPS listed in your character sheet assumes that you are not using a skill, it indicates the amount of dps you can do with an attack that deals 100% weapon damage (base attack).

It is indeed difficult to calculate, because it is difficult to determine the actual damage range on your weapon after it is modified by your intellect and other damage increasing stats.
This would mean and I've never said otherwise, that the DPS indicator at least for mages is completely irrelevant. Since inferno demands a lot of kiting you will not be able to stand still and cast your spells. From my POV I could completely get rid of the haste items and go for mass Int instead, to make those orbs that can be casted in the little time remaining while kiting count. In addition to that a high DPS 2-h would deliver best results I assume.

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