Help with Hell please!

Im having alot of trouble trying to solo hell, and im not sure what to do.

Im level 51 with nearly 6k damage with force weapon and glass cannon passive, 15k-ish health.

I dont know of any good solo builds, and I dont know what stats to focus on either. I hate sacrificing damage for defense, because if youre not doing huge damage why play a wizard?

Unless getting killed by spiderlings in 4 hits is normal, is there a build/stat setup that lets me solo through hell, and eventually inferno?
I roll with Blizzard/Arcane Orb.

Then Diamond Skin/Teleport(Clone)/Force Weapon/Hydra(Poison)

Though I just hit lvl 54, so I will be subbing in Force Shield.
if you are going only for damage then raising difficulity is gonna get you, drop glass cannon , it is not worth of it. Take poison hydra,, energy armor/force armor, magic weapons/force weapons to keep high dmg. Focus on INT/VIT+socket if possible, attk speed on gloves, both rings and amulet, as high aspossible movement speed on boots beside vit and int :) Diamon skin with exptra absob or tele with mirrors is good defence. Default attack, proly piercing orb.
I have close to 18k hp in act1 hell with 8k dps so far mostly breeze, but some champs packs will be problem anyway, those immortal bubbled extrafast molting extra fast etc etc :)
How do you get magic weapon and energy armor at the same time?

Am I missing something here, is it not impossible to get more than one type of spell on your bar at the same time? Like diamond skin and teleport? How do you get blizzard as your mouse click button anyway?
options>elective mode. still amazed people get to hell without knowing this
I asked all my friends and none of them knew, thanks alot!
05/22/2012 12:34 AMPosted by Panthress
if you are going only for damage then raising difficulity is gonna get you, drop glass cannon , it is not worth of it.

Its working out fine for me. Pretty much a breeze at this point. The minor reduction to your armor/resists from glass cannon doesn't really matter too much it seems. I think when I took it, I checked and it was about ~2% or less more damage taken.
level grind till 54, thats when wizards become over-powered.

Force Shield/Energy armor will keep you live much longer and from that point you dont need to worry about Vitality as much.

To get to 54 fast go to cemetery in act 1 Hell and grind the 3 crypts there.

super easy mobs and elite packs.

with Nephalim buff at 60 you can make about 500k an hour there

then use all the gold to buy a 800-1000 + dps weapon

stack Intel and damage like crazy.
Strange. I was lvl 51 when I first started Hell mode and I only had 4200 dps with around 13000 health. I have yet to die and almost done with act1.

Now I'm 54 with 9000 dps with 17000 health and I feel nearly invincible. The only mobs I have trouble with is elites who wall then spinning lazer. My build does not have teleport so I have to time diamond and a health pot at that point.

My build.!XfY!bYabZZ

Gear plus energy armor provides around 600hp/sec regen.
19% crit chance
12 % run speed boots
Slow 2 handed weapon with 428 dps

Basic strategy is
1. Arcane orb packs of normal mobs
2. Shock pulse isolated normal mobs
3. Hydra + orb big packs of mobs
4. Hydra + diamond + orb spam for 3 or more elites then kite while spamming hydra infont of your run path until diamond is up again, then repeat.
5. Hydra + diamond + orb spam for single elites, usually die before diamond runs out.
6. The key is to kite kite kite

Orb crits around 15-20k. I crit about 1 out of 4 shots or so it seems. I can spam about 7 orbs before running out of energy which coincides with running out of diamond skin. In that 6 seconds, my hydra dishes out serious damage because the mob is trying to eat your face. The orb spam did 84,000-140,000 dmg to the mob. Then kite while spewing hydra in your run path to get maximum results until diamond is up again, then repeat.

The key to my play is that I have fast enough regen that it only takes a couple of seconds of kiting to fill my health so I just kite kite kite the big guys and 1-2 shot normals.

I also soloed nightmare with this build. Soloed Diablo at lvl 49 with 3900 dps and 12000 hp with only 300 regen.!XfU!YbaabY

Give this build a try.

When you hit 54 swap to this.!XfU!YbZaYY

Here's the strategy behind this build.

Use your templar for this build and give him + Health Globe or + Life Regen items. Those stats carry over to you.

First of all, there's no signature spells at all. The reason being is that this build doesn't really require it. Between Arcanot / Templar / Astral Presence you will regen AP very fast and be able to chain cast blizzards and Arcane Orbs.

The second thing that's worth noting is the use of Arcane Hydra. Arcane Hydra will help you to slow enemies before they get to you so you can cast a Blizzard and nuke. Blizzard and Temporal Flux slow enemies to a near crawl.

This is very helpful for kiting.

So here's what you do.

1) Summon a Hydra
2) Cast a few Blizzards in a line and Kite the enemies through it.
3) Nuke with Arcane Orb

Very simple yet oh so effective.

Also, here's a few tips that will help you not utterly suck at this game and will make you a better player.

#1 You're playing a Wizard. Wizards must kite to be played effectively... You can't expect to soak damage for very long. Diamond Skin / Prisim is only there to help you in a time of DIRE NEED. Do not expect to mitigate much damage with it.

#2 Do not favor damage for Vitality. This may sound counter productive but if you find an item that will give you 2K or more HP but drop your DPS by like 100-200 take the extra HP. I'm sitting at only 3k damage but 22k HP. Try and keep your vitality to about 2/3 of your intelligence. A dead DPS is no DPS.

#3 Always assume the reason you died is because YOU did something wrong. If you die it's YOUR fault. Wizards are an amazing class that can kill just about anything in this game. I haven't come across a pack yet that I have not been able to kill. Suck it up and learn to overcome it.

#4 Don't stand in fire. Pretty self explanatory.

#5 Create a build that has synergy. You can't just throw together a bunch of spells and abilities in hell and expect to just faceroll it like you might have done for nightmare. For instance, this build focuses on slowing the enemies while giving you a little chance to mitigate damage and regen it back up. Don't just assume that you can win by throwing together a build of all of your highest damage spells. That will get you killed.

I hope this has been of some help. I'm not trying to act elitist but people really understand that this game was designed to be hard. You are going to die... It's when you learn how to not die anymore that you'll truly have an appreciation for this game.
Also, goblins are a DPS check. If you can kill a goblin before it teleports away you have enough DPS.

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