untouchable build.

Demon Hunter

If played right, you will not take any damage with this build. keep using SS
Caltrops is interchangable.
Why battle scars instead of focused mind?
If you have over 45 discipline, focused mind is less than useless IMO.
Good spec if you are vsing large amounts of mobs, but get a Jailer, Extra Fast or maybe Teleporting Champion pack, you will be in trouble.
you don't have to move using this build, though you need really high dps to makeup for the skills you use. I used this build to down inferno butcher, except I used mark with hatred regen over caltrops, and sharpshooter over archery (I was using a 2h bow so archery didn't go well with the crit build). You also will want to stack crit stats and +max discipline. I also used backup plan instead of battle scars, it saved my !@# on my kill (when he enraged and I had to perma-smokescreen.) good job with this build.
You will also do crap damage with this build

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