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Demon Hunter
hey guys so ive been looking through all the forum posts on builds and ive compiled a couple really good once please let me know what you think
1) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aRXVZT!TeX!YcZYcZ
2) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#fRXVZT!TeX!bcZYcZ
i like this one because its different ive never seen any one use evasive fire as a generator
3) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bZXVPT!TeX!YcZYaZ

there are more but id really like to see what people have to say or add to these =)
what type of ranged weapon do you use? 1h and 2h xbows really shiner with this build.
IMO if you stack max discipline this will be alot more effective, and you can replace your prep rune with battle scars/backup plan (better than you might think, when it procs its like a free stop and dps for 6-12 seconds, aka backup plan lol).
on impale,
@ littleevil I don't agree. to get the most out of chemical burn you have to ait 2 seconds in between throws... and with 99.9% of viable builds using ss, you are given 3 seconds to stand and unload your hatred. just today I gave up on impale completely after doing many hell asmodan runs, and being able to down him in about 20 seconds with elemental arrow (same nether rune) and 45 seconds using impale. I used to use grievous wounds with sharpshooter and archery with an xbow, but until blizz gives us a buff stack counter its too hard to judge when to unload your impales for the big crit burst without a sharpshooter stack buff indicator (unless u wanna play with your inventory open). I use multishot, entangling shot with chain gang, and elemental arrow with nether instead of impale now. My damage is so much better its rediculous. I open up on mobs with multi, chanin gang the few that are left to rebuiold hatred then nether to rebuild hp from any dmg i might have taken. yes I'm in inferno. I still miss hungering arrow, my bread and butter from normal. It's a big dps loss on boss fights, but that fact that it damages 4 mobs at once makes all my skills strong aoe damage, not to mention the slowing utility of it. my other 3 skills are prep, ss, and bat.... passives are sharp, archery with xbow, and tactical advantage (with ss 60% movement increase is a lifesaver, anyone who says they use vault to get out of situtations that ss can't, won't after using this)

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