unable to patch Error 740

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Can anyone help?

I have an error where try to log in it prompts me to download the patch. When i click on to proceed it seems to just keep on loading forever.

When i press alt+tab, it says:

Failed to launch "Diablo III Launcher.exe"!
Error 740: The requested operation requires elevation.

@_@ anybody?
The servers are currently undergoing maintenance. Most (if not all) people are seeing the same issue as you are. Please hang on until the system is back up.

There's a sticky thread about the issue, below:
Wait another 10 mins then try.
I keep getting the same message, and have been trying since 2:00 P.M. PST, both in and out of administrator mode. I have also recycled my modem mutiple times.

Any help would be nice
So in this modern global economy / world why does it take over 16 hours to patch all the servers? I'm from NZ (use the Asia Servers) and the error 740 is constantly happenning.
Changed location settings to Americas and could log in but no characters. Changed back and error 740 again.
This is a server related patch issue, has to be.
It is 2012 isn't it?

Of all my years playing games, I have never experienced such a bad experience as I have had with D3.
Activison/Blizzard - customers remember how you make them feel, not what you say!

A very disappointed end user (certainly makes me think twice about your games).
SAD -.-
I JUST WANNA reinstall it ...
Error 740 for me in Ireland, bullsh't indeed, battlenet you suck the long one, you don't deserve fastest selling game, you may enjoy that success cause we'll not be back after this hassle
failed to launch diablo 3 launcher.exe error 740 the requested operation requires elevation
yea i keep getting that error to now and to think that blizzard spent so long making this game they would have only minor bugs in it like glitches or something but the game being down for so long is not a small bug ><
same here, got this issue that hurts my back really a lot.
ya i got the same error as well for America server.

Failed to launch diablo 3 launcher.exe Error 740: The requested operation requires elevation
tried running as administrator, tried giving full access through the firewall, tried switching to another windows profile with administrator rights, none of them work. Just have not tried re-installing.

Am thinking of trying it...
alright tried re-installing but that doesn't help either
They should be giving us an offline gameplay
so that when there is a patch or update offline account wont
be affected.....
what should we do? :O
I found long ago that launching via the launcher was just annoying, why so many clicks to start diablo 3?

so i solved this by editing the shortcut on the desktop for it.

right click on the diablo 3 icon and choose properties

then make these edits

Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch -uid diablo3_enus
Start In: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III"

NOTE: if you are not on a 64 bit OS, then remove "(x86)" from the path

be sure to put in your language code replacing "diablo3_enus" with yours accordingly if you are not playing in English.

I wonder fi this will help you guys out

Apply and save, now you will be able to open D3 directly with out having to worry about luncher issues, and if the game needs patching it still patches fine launching in this method.

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