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** This thread is NOT about slow FPS, lag/latency, rubber banding, or asset loading **.

Forum mods: This is a coding issue; and can only be resolved by the developers. Please read the entire post - it does *not* belong under "Technical Support" as it is clearly a bug. (Update: Thanks for moving it back to Bug Reports.)

There is a bug where the frames seem to "skip" - or another way I've seen it described is a "camera stutter". If I stand still and fight, it doesn't matter how much action there is, my FPS is fine. Completely smooth even with 4 players spamming spells. However, when I move from side to side and the camera moves, it stutters. Even with nothing really happening on screen. (ie: empty dungeon cooridor, in town, etc).

Even with no new assets to load, (eg. If I run repeated laps in the same area) this very brief 1/8th of a second stutter occurs every few seconds, and very noticable. It happens only when the screen is scrolling. It looks "jerky", as though a frame has been skipped, or is being displayed in the incorrect order. (see youtube videos below).

I believe this is not an issue on my end, because:

1) I have tested on FOUR PCs, and they all exhibit the same skipping in the exact same way. My neighbor also has Diablo, and gets the identical skipping. That's 4 out of 4 PC's. All of them are far more powerful than recommended specs.

2) ALL of my other games are fine. (Path of Exile, Crysis 2, Tribes, TF2, Trine 2, BF3; all run smoothly)

I have noticed other people on the nVidia forums mentioned that they have exactly this issue, and we all have something in common with our in-game FPS counter. At 60hz vsync, the FPS "spins" so fast it's hard to read. I can tell that it's generally 60fps, but changing very rapidly, and every 3-4 seconds it goes to triple digits. It does this on all 4 computers I have access to. Its possible that the stutter happens when it quickly jumps to triple digits for a split second, however it's hard to verify.

My system: GTX680, i7 2600 @ 3.4ghz (not overclocked), SSD Drive, 16GB RAM. BenQ XL2420T 120hz monitor. Fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium, nothing running in background. Running drivers v301.10. (tried various drivers, did not help). Update: Tried the new beta drivers. Same issue.

My spare system: GTX280, Windows Vista, Q9450 @ 2.8Ghz, Velociraptor 10k RPM HDD, 8GB RAM. BenQ 60hz Monitor. Clean install of Vista, no issues with any other games, except Diablo 3. Running drivers v296.10.

My other spare system: ATI Radeon 4870, 8GB RAM, Raptor 10k RPM HDD, Fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium.

Neighbor's PC: (going from memory here) GTX560ti, Windows 7, Q9450, SSD Drive.

To be clear... These systems are all single card solutions. I do not have SLI.

I have tried everything - Fresh O/S install, setting vsync in nVidia control panel instead of the game, turning off vsync entirely (I get 300+ fps, but too much screen tearing), adaptive vsync, setting core affinity, running off a flash drive, re-installing Diablo, setting sound channels to lower values, turning off shadows, running in full screen windowed mode, changing d3prefs settings, video card temperatures are fine, and after dozens of hours of reading the forums and trying everything imaginable, nothing has fixed it. Getting quite frustrated after FAR too many hours trouble-shooting this game, when all my other games work fine.

I've found many other threads on exactly this same issue. Here are 2 examples:


Here are two Youtube videos of *exactly* how it looks on all 3 of my systems. These are not my videos, and one is from 8 months ago; yet nothing has been done about it yet, which has me very concerned.


The current implementation of vsync & frame limiting doesn't work correctly (ie: if I lock at 60fps in the frame limiter, it locks me at 50fps instead, and 120hz locks at 60fps) It also should not be momentarily jumping into the triple digits every few seconds with vsync at 60hz. This "spinning" fps counter happens on all 4 computers.

Also, 120hz does not work with Diablo 3. Works fine in all of my other games. Diablo 3 always reverts to 60fps instead of 120fps. This has been reported numerous times, and I've tried everything to make it work.

I believe this bug is a graphics rendering issue within the client that doesn't seem to affect everyone. Since I can reproduce it on 4 out of 4 PC's tested, it can't be that hard to reproduce!

If you want to know if you are having the *exact* same issue or not; start by running around Tristram a couple times to make sure all assets have already been loaded, then run around it again, and keep your eyes on the scenery in the background (not your character) and if you see the camera "stutter" periodically, then this is the thread for you! (Try more than once... I have run laps through all of Tristram and only seen one stutter, and other times, it occurs every few seconds)

Note: If you fixed your issue by adding an SSD, or if it began after a particular patch (ie: 1.0.3), then this is NOT the same issue, and you should refrain from replying because your problem is different.

Please do not post a reply in this thread unless you have the exact same issue. This thread has nothing to do with general FPS slowdowns, lag, latency, rubber banding, asset loading, hard drive speed, drops to 0 FPS -- this is not the same problem. This thread is ONLY for those who are getting high FPS, but still get this brief "stutter" only when the camera is panning.


July 16 UPDATE: Vasadan from Blizzard QA has provided us with an update on page #27, reply #521. Sounds promising, hopefully this issue will get prioritized and fixed soon.
Get this too.

Almost like a rhythmic jitter than a stutter. Like when you run sideways through the town you get these micro blips.
Hi there !
Very well written post. I have the EXACT same issue. My brother is also experiencing this and we don't have the same computer (I forgot his exact PC specs).

I've been posting in some threads about this type of stutter but no luck finding a solution ...

My specs are :
i5 750
HD 5850 Toxic (Sapphire)
I have a clean windows install and up to date drivers, no overheating, and so on and so on.

I just want to be able to run in cirlces in New Tristram ...
i have this exact same issue, nice write-up

i5 2500k @ 4.0 ghz
gtx 560 non-ti
16 gigs ddr3
250gb black caviar hdd

non-stop stutter, especially during certain bosses or areas of certain acts

i've tried lowering graphics settings, and this does work to some extent (shadows seems to be the most important), but a slight stutter remains no matter what

really, really annoying, to the point that i don't really care to play until its fixed
I've put this game on the back burner till its sorted.

Max Payne 3 is out Friday.
Any chance we could get some blue in here?
EXACT Same issue here -
constant Stutter - even running around tristan cannot be loading assets constantly - if it is - that needs a fix as well
FPS meter in constant motion - and hits triple digits
in big mob fights - terrible frame stuttering and hiccups / slow downs etc... - unplayable

Mac Pro 3.1
OS X 10.6.8
ATI Radeon 5770
10 gig ram
I am happy to know that i am not the only person experiencing this phenomenon. What i am not happy about is looking through the forums and seeing posts over 30 days old having this same issue, yet Blizzard has done nothing about it or provided us with a response acknowledging the problem

Blizzard fix this!
Thanks for all the replies so far. Good to know I am far from alone on this. Please favorite this post, and keep an eye on it so it doesn't drop to page 50. This issue cannot go on much longer... it was originally reported to Blizzard 6 months ago during beta. Thats far too long, for something that is simple to reproduce on a variety of systems.
I've been getting a similar bug since this new patch, game runs fine then skip frames then fine, I watch for this frame skip while standing still seems to happen when ever a sound is played ie character talks or monster plays first sound effect then everything is smooth.
Sounds like a different problem, Daelgus. This has nothing to do with sounds, and it isnt from the recent patch.
I am having the exact same problem. You have described my situation perfectly.
oh my god, i'm not alone!
im am having the exact same problem.

Please blizzard, sort it out
Have the exact same problem is even a clip on youtube showing the skipping at the exact point in time my system skips fix it blizz makes the game unplayable
If you want to recreate this issue, to determine if you are having this exact same issue:

- Turn vsync ON. Lower graphics settings to a value that will allow your system to always run at a stable 60fps even in 4 player games with lots of action on screen.

- Go in a full game, STAND STILL, and when there is tons of action on screen it should run smoothly as 60fps with no slow-downs. (this step is to ensure your system can handle the demands of the game, and it isnt an issue with FPS/horsepower!)

- Go to a private game with no other players, Go to Tristram, and run a couple laps to make sure all game assets are already loaded.

- Run laps around the waypoint in Tristram. If your screen "jerks" every few seconds whenever the screen is panning, then you are likely experiencing the same issue.

If you hit ctrl-r, you may also notice a rapidly spinning 60fps counter, with occasional jumps to triple digits, when your screen is panning.

Thats how it is on all 4 PCs I have access to.
guys me too, heres the thing, i wated for this for a lot of years, played the beta an had this same problem ,the blues an tech support told us an me this will not be in the final engine guess what it is so i ran out bought another pc, more ram, 5 VIDEO cards amd an nvidia no luck with both of my nice systems. if this is not fixed within the first month i will not buy another blizzaed game ever .can you imagine the problems PROJECT TITAN will have, omg its bad enough the lag is killing us an this horrible NON OPTIMIZED ENGINE! this game sold millions. to much money envolved for a flaw that was in the beta for so long, shame on them their MOTTO was always quailty hands down
Brilliant a post that exactly matches my problem description, I'm happy I found some one reporting this problem detailed and clear to understand.

The stuttering I'm experiencing is significantly less, from what I could see in the YouTube video.
What I'm seeing compared to the video its micro stutter, but still noticeable and frustrating enough that I'm out here on the forums looking for a solution and fellow players who are experiencing it as well.

The stuttering is less noticeable when I'm focusing on the center and watching my avatars movement, but when I'm track a static object in the game world like my "stash" and move back and forth near the storage chest, the stutters are much more noticeable. I some times even get the feeling I'm not skipping frames, but one (or more) got displayed in the wrong order.
Same here, Swiftbane.

I played the beta, had the stuttering, and so I purchased a brand new PC just for Diablo 3.

Now I have TWO PCs that stutter like crazy. It makes me feel like quitting the game. The stutter is so annoying, and it has been reported for six months, with no acknowledgement from Bliz.

If they dont address this soon, I will just delete the game and never purchase another Blizzard product. Very frustrating to have Purchased this new PC for Diablo, only to find the problem was never my computer... its just a bug in the way they render the frames, and at this rate, we, the fans, dont even know if they are aware of it.

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