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Unbelievable that this issue is there for so many people, and for such a long time (since beta) and blizzard doesnt do **** to fix it or at least let the players know they are aware of it and working on a solution.

Blizzard used to be a company that cared about its players but I guess these times are over and they are folliwing the path of the game company with the two letter name.
^ I don't believe that.

I think they do care, very much. The problem is not caring; it's a problem of resources and/or competence.

Obviously they want us to love a product and launch this big and important. I believe they grossly - but genuinely - overestimated the technical state of the product, and underestimated what it was going to take to launch this thing.
Exact same problem as OP....

Have spent hours and hours trying different drivers and different settings, all to no avail..

Have shelved this game until some action is taken.. horribly frustrating situation which has left me a bitterly disappointed customer..

The most painful part of it all is how long so many people have been waiting for this next instalment of the game they love so dearly only to have it run so poorly on their high-end systems..

For the record I'm running a GTX 580
- i7-2600k (not overclocked)
- 2x GTX 570 -- in SLI or not
- 120GB SSD

Same issue. I've tried enabling and disabling SLI, changing vsync here and there.

The stuttering is extremely annoying.
Blizzard has really promoted the game as being able to run on a wide range of systems... But what they don't mention is how poorly it runs on most of them.

I have 3 PCs, ranging from mid to very high end, and none of them can run the game without this constant frame stuttering every time the camera moves.

Please Blizzard, we know you are working on optimizations, but I truly hope a developer is looking into this specific problem! This stutter really ruins the game for me, and obviously many others who have raised their hands with a "me too!" in this thread.
I suggest that everyone with this issue also creates a support ticket to make sure blizzard becomes aware of the problem and the number of people who experience it.
Great point, Tillion.

In addition, please link to this thread. otherwise, support will just tell you to "turn down your graphics" or "update your drivers"
Great point, Tillion.

In addition, please link to this thread. otherwise, support will just tell you to "turn down your graphics" or "update your drivers"

Ticket: US27125034
Originally opened: 5/24/2012 12:18 AM
Pointed to this thread: 6/7/2012 7:41 PM

To help the blues diagnose what's going on, I'd suggest everyone also attach to their ticket a copy of an MSInfo and DxDiag Export. Learn how here: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/request-for-system-files-dxdiag-msinfo-and-error-reports

Perhaps by linking together in this thread all of the tickets and the affected system extracts a pattern (and ultimately fix) will be found quicker.
Hey guys not sure if this will help you but somebody figured out a solution to this. It worked for me. Let me know how it goes.

Hi, I get this issue too. It's literally a game breaker for me atm as well. I don't quite have the step lagg the ones in the youtube video, however, I believe that my problem is exactly the same issue. These are my comp spec's,

Processor AMD FX(tm)-4170 Quad-Core Processor
Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series

My comp is more than powerful enough to run this game full specs with no issues. Are there any forums with a fix for this now or is this still blizz's end??
06/08/2012 11:17 PMPosted by Raynor
Hey guys not sure if this will help you but somebody figured out a solution to this. It worked for me. Let me know how it goes.

Raynor, thanks for the suggestion but that solution doesn't apply. As the OP stated, this issue is NOT an Asset Loading HDD problem. It is a rendering issue.
06/09/2012 02:12 AMPosted by Onebullet
My comp is more than powerful enough to run this game full specs with no issues. Are there any forums with a fix for this now or is this still blizz's end??

Ditto for the rest of us.

*resumes wait on Blizz*
Just wanted to pop in here and say +1 to this problem.

I have been trying numerous things over the course of the 3 weeks this game has been out and nothing has fixed it.

I played the Beta and had the exact same issue. Tried numerous drivers and "tweaks", and nothing has worked.

I really hope Blizzard at least reads these threads and knows the problem is there. Let's try and keep this thread on the first page at all times. They have to do something about it.
I am having the exact same problem and when i submitted a ticket to blizzard they ignored it giving me some automated message not even acknowledging that this is a problem i hope they fix this soon because i have been unable to play my myself or especially with friends.
BTW - I mentioned I'm having this issue in Crossfire mode, just wanted to confirm that disabling Crossfire does not help.

Also, let's not confuse framerate issues with (micro-)stutter issues. Stutter occurs when the time between frames is irregular / too long due to bad engine or driver and it has a lot to do with how V-Sync is implemented and whether the OS / drivers work well with the game engine, how big the data that has to be transferred between cards in multi-GPU setups is (e.g. you can have no stutter on 1920, but that may change on 2560 due to the size of the frames), etc. It's complex. Theoretically, though, you can have stutter at 100 FPS - if the time between frames is > 16.7 ms your brain will be telling you the FPS is < 60. In my case I do get bouts of terrible stutter (not too often, thankfully) while at the same time RadeonPro (which probably measures FPS differently compared to the game) shows pretty much constant 60.
Without V-Sync the 6950 X-Fire goes up to 200-230 FPS. That would mean that the cards can process the frames very quickly and stutter shouldn't be an issue at all.

There is a very nice article on stutter on Tech Report - google 'inside the second'.

All of that said - I would bet good money that it's the V-Sync implementation in conjunction with the fore-/background FPS settings in the game that we're having a problem with. For one we're seeing the upper foreground FPS limit flash as an FPS value momentarily (which is when that game stutters, as we've established) even when the foreground setting is unchecked! Also, unless I'm imagining it, if you open your inventory quickly when that game starts stuttering it goes away. If that's confirmed we can pretty much start staring disapprovingly at Blizzard right away... ^^

The stuttering is virtually identical for me regardless of resolution or video settings. I still get it with the lowest possible video options and windowed mode shrunk as small as it will go.

I also had the problem in beta before they added those frame rate limits to the GUI.

That Tech Report article is fantastic BTW. The picture that shows where FRAPS plugs in to the graphics pipeline is relevant IMO since my FRAPS benchmarks clearly show the rendering delays that are causing my stutter.
Good to see the community coming together to get this issue addressed. Please bookmark this post, and hopefully Blizzard will start taking this seriously. Be sure to submit a support ticket, and link to this post.

I have a feeling that 1.0.3 will arrive in a couple of weeks, and those "general performance optimizations" will not help with this specific issue. We really need QA to be our champions here, and ensure the coders know of this particular issue, and not just lump it in with the plethora of other performance issues.
Hi all. Same thing here on an AMD 7870. D3 is running off a fast SSD so no asset loading issues. Various options mitigate the problem, best setting I've found is to turn V-Sync off and use the FPS cap at 60, however there is still a cyclic stutter as if it's rendering something a bit too quickly and needs to re-sync. I notice the in game FPS counter shows 59, regardless of the limit being set to 60 or 61. My monitor refresh rate is set to 60hz (not 59 which is an option in CCC). I also checked for DPC latency, but no correlation.

Looking forward to seeing how 1.03 affects it. It's not much of a problem at all, just a minor hitch in an otherwise very polished experience.

Intel i7 950
12gb RAM
Gigabyte X58A-U3R rev 2.0 FF bios
Corsair Force 120GB SSD
Asus Xonar Xense sound card.
Win 7 x64 Pro
MSE virus scanner, Diablo 3 excluded from real time scan.
Hello, just wanted to add my system to the seemlingly large and growing pile of PC's having this issue. Overall the game seems to be running very nicely at 59-60 FPS solid except for the small hitches described by the OP in which I too see a quick jump to over 100 FPS with vsync on. I am running the game on a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit SP1 with all drivers up to date. My monitor's refresh rate is also at 60 Hz, and all of my system's temps are very cool (CPU 40c / GPU 55c).

Here are my system specs:

Intel i5 3570K (No OC)
ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Mobo w/ BIOS 1.70
8GB Kingston HyperX 1600 MHZ DDR3 RAM
EVGA GeForce GTX 570 Superclocked 1.25 GB
Crucial M4 128GB SATA 3 SSD
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium PCI-E 1X

I have tried just about everything from moving MPQs to RAM drive (helps but only minimally), using LucidLogix Virtu MVP w/ Virtual Vsync (not sure if it really helps or not), playing with vsync / adaptive vsync / tripple buffering (doesn't help), and playing with in-game graphic settings such as the FPS limiters, lowering resolution, lowering detail settings, and lowering sound channels (none of which help at all). I have also noticed that turning the vsync off in game and enabling it in the nvidia control panel, or using Direct3D Overrider only makes the framerate appear to be very low (like below 30), which is very strange.

I really hope that Blizzard can fix this problem because it is really annoying and taking away from the experience of an otherwise fun game.

Please give this issue the attention it deserves, Blizzard.

All I really do now is login, check the AH, and then go play other games, because stuttering every 2-3 seconds makes this game a very frustrating experience.

Blizzard said this game "will run on a wide variety of PCs" yet I can't get it to run smoothly on any of my 3 fast PCs that run all other games at max settings.
Got a response on my ticket today, saying they read this thread (good to hear) and saw the blue post stating they are working on "several performance issue" in patch 1.0.3. I asked for confirmation that they are working on the specific issue described (as opposed to the HDD Asset loading issue, etc.) regardless of whether its 1.0.3 or not.

/patience on

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