Stuck at "Retrieving Hero List..."

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haha you guys bought a broken game!
"What a bunch of angry children... a game is up 95% of the time and you cry for that 5% like your life depended on it."

95% of people wouldnt be complaining if D3 simply offered offline single play.

Ohh...right, its online so we can have an auction house thats not working 95% of the time.
Or was it online so items could not be duplicated? Solved that with massive farming flooding the AH for the 5% of the time its running.

Can't wait for PVP weekly updates and downtime for class tweaks that change the game to accomodate pvp'ers.
THX! now update quick guys!
05/29/2012 02:51 PMPosted by Glasse
Edit: We ask that you please do not create more threads to report this issue. :)

We ask that you fix your damn game.


never ever buying another blizzard game...this is riduculous.
We're aware of the issue and are currently looking into it. We appreciate your patience while this is being investigated.
Edit: We ask that you please do not create more threads to report this issue. :)

Thank you.

My heroes miss me. Without me, they just sorta stand around and do nothing. They lose the willpower to kill demons and undead. I MUST motivate my team!
Yeah they know!!
and reset the damn services ASAP!
Edit: We ask that you please do not create more threads to report this issue. :)

We ask that you fix your damn game.

They also locked a thread that predated this thread by 8 days. Now if this issue has existed for at least 8 days, this should tell you how bad the problem really is.
Dont like posts? dont mess with the game. tks.
At this point, I believe I can grab a violin and play the login theme :p
I don't know if this will help, but...

When I was able to access my list, I got 2 errors - cannot create game, and cannot retrieve achievements.

When my husband, who got online while I was out and is still on, tried to look at my character since it was showing me online - he got the cannot retrieve achievement error after a good 2 minutes.
I hope it gets fixed soon and doesn't linger days.
Woot. Tell my heroes to come home!!!!!!!
im not mad, just disappointing.
Have this problem to add to the list now too.

I did your tracert and it gets to -

16 90ms 90ms 90ms
17 *
Tracert failed

This must mean its either your servers or very close to you.
Once again it looks like they broke it

This is done by following blizzards instructions at
Had to stay an hour late at work due to sick coworker (5am-4pm), got home and quickly did the housework that the wife wanted done (add whip sound effect here), raced to computer for my hard earned 90 minutes of diablo before I have to make dinner and get on with the rest of my night....and I can't log in. I have like 2 hour windows where I can play every 2-3 days, so it's pretty f'ing disappointing to see this happen. Should have known to wait 2-3 months to buy the game so stupid bugs like this would be fixed. Beta test = alpha test, 1.0 = beta test, 1.0.5 or so = final...ish.
sweeet wen you fixing it like holy crap wat ### error message is next hahahah game is trash good thing they got all the money upfront hahahahahahahaahahah wat a joke i go to work full time eat dinner then sit down to play and bang boom bing cant play awsome game awsome awsome
Sweet finally got some blue love. Watching streams of people playing now. :(

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