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I have a huge amount of lag even after the fix. If someone could tell me what settings I should be using I would greatly appreciate it.

I have a laptop with:

NVIDIA NVS 3100M Graphics Card
i5 core, 2.53 Ghz

Definitely I can see a HUGE difference! Thanks a lot!!!

i5 2500k
GTX 560 ti
well i went into the game and changed to screen resolution to the lowest possible to 800x600 even tho i like playing with a 1600 x 900 bc of the bigger screen =p but that obv cant happen bc i would get like 15 fps on the good parts and on the laggy parts in the acts (spider boss) id get like 5 lmfao. After changing that i get like 25-35 fps and the bad parts like in act 1 near the spider boss i get 16 fps with a full group. i should make it more smooth but sometimes i still teleport around so i guess that's not fixable atm lol
also if your computer can beni from a readyboost try using a flask drive or card that is atleast double the amount of mem u have on ur comp and it will increase the computers speed. Most computers can but not everyone's comp

example - i have a 8gig ram

im using a 32 gig and it increased the speed a lil .

if you want the best results , use one with nothing saved on it

its not going to fix your problem but it will help ( every lil bit helps =p )
also latency optimizers would help maybe but most of them you will have to buy usually around 30$ , also doing disk cleanups and doing a registry scan might help as well. I'm stating the obv but for who that don't know, i suggest it. Oh yea ! change ur priority to high for D3 in ur task manager --- high and realtime priority level usually helps a lot. Don't forget to change ur battery options to high power.
far as the ping goes as long your in the green bar you should be fine. its just a fps issue --- Hope i helped someone out lol after doing a lot of research and by getting others advice.
Ok, the game runs decently while fighting 2-5 mobs, but in act 3, where there are tons of mobs at once, the game seems really slow and laggy. I just want a quicker more smooth feeling gameplay experience. My graphics card is not that great. Heres my specs


process: amd turion II p540 dual core processor 2.40 ghz

is this fixable? am i forever stuck in a laggy gameplay ?
doesn't work for me

Radeon HD 6770 .... still getting 1-15 fps
dude this totally fixed my lag thank you so much you are the man and im using a intell hd graphics which is just terrabile
if anybody here is using a switchable graphics card, using the Intel HD worked for me, stable at 50-55 fps with very minimal stutter, i believe that D3 does not work well with mobile graphics card as old desktop graphics card handles it with ease so using the Intel HD did the trick

also mess around with the in game settings

nvidia 540m
everything on low
60 fps with a lot of stutter

Intel HD 3000
shadow off AA off
55 fps with very minimal stutter
oh yeah, that helped quite a bit. not perfect but I'll take it
I have a HD7950 and a damn problem 0-20fps. Thats really lol!
Thx for this fix now i have in some situation again 100-150fps but when to mutch action it break again to 5-20fps. This damn situatio is since the last update!
Happening to all people .... can help reduce the lag but never fix it...
i dont know if my lag is the same as yours so i will state it and if 1 of u guys confirm that it is he same one i will try but first thank you for finally posting an answer to a problem we shouldnt have k so my problem is as soon as i start playing like within in a minute i usually see u know some skeleton things or whatever they are just standing there not attacking me and if i have a follower they will freeze to i tried just shooting them but my arrows just zipp through them and i can walk to the otherside of the map with out anything moving but when it does work everything catches up example if i stay in one area and shoot at a barrel the barrel wont even budge but when it starts working 5 min later it then burst but the problem is this happens every 2 mins and i cant do any quests plus the skeletons dont seem to pause i mean when it starts working i am dead in 2 sec by some skeleton that was frozen for the past 10 mins
Didn't work for me :P Still laggy as ever. I still get about 12 fps when in a battle and when idle i hit 30's. I want to at least keep a constant 20-25 fps.

ATI Radeon HD 4550
Reduced only by a little bit. Not too big, but enough for me to walk smoothly and kite properly as a DH.

Before: 8~15 fps
After: 10~20 fps (with mobs and in town)
18-25 fps (alone, without mobs)

(figures are approximates, with lowest graphical settings)

Intel HD Graphics (Core i5)

Thanks. (:
Worked! I think I love you. GeForce GTS 250

But didn't work so well in my gf's laptop (GT540M)
OMG IT WORKS!!! thank you so much i was just about to throw this game away becuase i couldnt even beat the Butcher becuase i would lag every where and "stood in fire" and would just die so fast. i set mine also to a 2 and works amazing! intel core i3 with intel HD graphics.
thanks alot... can't say it's fixed but definitely improved a lot.
for those who are about to test this solution; you have to find the best hardwareclass number. for me, 4 works the best, but it got even worst with other numbers.
Hi thanks for the info i tried this and it seems to work great but everytime i leave a in-game to say look at the AH it restores the settings back to orginal settings is there a way to stop this from happening thx in advance 8-)

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