Weapon Base Attack Speed

Does anyone know how weapon base attack speeds play into Spirit Generators? I've heard the base attack speed doesn't matter, but I'm finding it hard to believe.

I guess contextually:

If I have a fist (1.4 aspd) and an axe (1.2 aspd) with the same stats/damage, does it matter which one I take? Does the answer change depending on whether it's a 2-handed weapon, 1 handed + shield, or dual wield?

Thanks :)
If you only care about the generation of Spirit, the higher your attack speed (including the skill's inherent bonus) matters because more hits = more activations = more Spirit generated. This is, of course, assuming you do not account for The Guardian's Path to boost the Spirit Generation of 2-handed weapons.
Simple. Faster (higher number) = faster regen.
So, the attack speed of the weapon does play into how fast your spirit generators attack? So a 1.4 aspd weapon would cause my FoT, for example, to strike more than a 1.2?

The question was more questioning whether base attack speed, rather than +attack speed % played into how fast generators hit.
As a side not +attack speed on a weapon only affects that weapon. So your main hand with +15% attack speed wont affect your off hand and vice versa. So you'll acctualy have a disjointed attack timing assuming the weapons have (noticeably) different swing times as you alternate weapons. Say a no attack speed bonus mace and a +18% claw could be somewhere in the ballpark of .4-5 attacks a second. Could thrown your rhythm off if you count your attacks as your cycling spenders and generators rather then just watching your hot bar.

+attack speed from other sources however; rings, amulets, gloves, shrines, etc obviously apply to both weapons.

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