Tell me what you think of my level 35 build,

Witch Doctor!Zbe!baZZZZ

Been using it through nightmare on act one, it's a little odd but it's working well for me.

I run in, get off the intel leach, spirit walk out, then alternate casting raining toads and dire bat. I use Zombie Wall if I have to to get out of sticky situations. I rarely run out of mana if I conserve it well.

Probably not the best build, but I LOVE hearing thunder and watching a torrent of toads rain from the sky and blow up on the ground. It's hilarious.

Anyway, tell me what you think. Would you give it a try?
Also, it's a solo build. I've only soloe'd.
yours is almost exact same as mine, where you have wall of zombie i have firebomb, and instead of jungle fortitude i have spirit vessel. Currently on act 1, and so far so good. I also luv rain of toad, i end up using that instead of acid rain, which consume more mana.
ps dont you think the Gargantuan sounds like wookie from star wars....its kinda funny
I think the gargantuan sounds like Homer Simpson lol

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