45 NM

Witch Doctor

Keep Gargantuan on CD (or just before a pull), Spirit walk in (or not), Soul Harvest, Hex. Spam Plague bats (which are doing more than Dire bats, downside is you need to be a bit closer).

Walk/SH/Hex on 15sec cd with long cd on Garg means constant 300% mana regen from Vision Quest. Nothing I've come across non-boss wise has phased me yet.

No one seems to be talking about Plague Bats, try em out, the tool tip is misleading, its good damage from the beginning and incredible damage after 1sec or so. You don't even need to keep casting, for non elites I generally 'tag' them once and the poison will stack up and kill them.

9k HP and 2500dmg (non harvested) atm.


In looking at my own spec just then, you could even take the mana or hp regen from soul harvest runes as you're using the skill pretty much on cd so the longer duration isn't greatly needed.

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