Achievement: "Stay awhile and listen"

Bug Report
Deckard Cain never seems to offer up the "Destruction of the Worldstone" dialog before he becomes unable to be spoken too. Starting a game at the quest "The Doom at Wortham" -> "Begin Quest" will have all dialog options for Deckard Cain but "Destruction of the Worldstone" Actually picking up the quest from the stranger will cause Cain to enter his house and become unresponsive because he is busy studying.

Deckard is either bugged or I'm missing something odd to make that dialog become available. Does anyone know?
Same problem for me. I think I got it my first day playing and some of the conversations are no longer possible due to the "achievement catastrophe".
Ok I found it. He only offers it up for a limited time after bringing back the first sword piece. then it gets replaced later. :/

You can pick and choose the quest you are on. I haven't had a problem getting missed achievements that way. This was the one that was really frustrating me.
I thought I had had all conversations with Cain (no more were available), but I somehow did not get this achievement even though my friend did during the same game. I do remember him going into the house and becoming unavailable--don't know if that had anything to do with it. Not sure why I did not get this achievement or if it is in fact a bug.
Well I missed the Mad King Leoric Act I conversation but got all the others. All the conversation achievements are meant to be a little tricky. You gotta be really diligent in constantly going back to the NPCs or to the desk where there books are kept etc.

Interesting diversion. I like these.

Lucky for us in that we can redo quests. These reset the availability of conversations and books ;)

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