Minion immunes buried in the ground..

Bug Report
So, tromping my way through A2 hell, I come across a champion pack. The boss mods were minion immune, mortar and molten, but only the first one matters for this. This pack just happens to be buried in the ground, and I managed to pull just the boss without his buried minions. I didn't think anything of it, because he was still summoning his minions while we were fighting. Eventually I finish him, collect my loot and proceed to where I pulled him from.

When I get there, I'm greeted by his 4 original minions popping up out of the ground and just owning me. They were still immune to everything, and the boss was already dead so I don't have any way to kill them.

I'm just happy this wasn't on hardcore, because that would've been a terribly stupid way to die.

Just had to update, it was a Sand Dweller champion with dessicated imp minions. I don't know if that matters at all, I doubt it does, but who knows?
whoa! that sucked ... im not sure if its a bug, for all i know its a "feature" where you have to just run away without killing the minions.

let us just hope it won't spawn in a situation where you CAN'T run away.
Ye, just had the same bug. Quite annoying. Bad luck as the minions run faster than myself, so zero chance to escape. Blizz doesnt make only great games, but also great bugs.

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