Ideal enchants for legendary weapons?

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Lets be honest, they should still be called uniques!

Ok, so I got a Dawn xbow drop for me. In the D2 days, I'd probably get more for selling it unidentified but you can't do that in this game. After I IDed it I looked up its stat range. It got a high dex rating but most everything else was middle of the road. I noticed however that it still generates two random enchants.

I can't remember what the first one was, it might have been life on hit but the other one was a socket. I thought this seemed huge. Shoving a big red gem in there can throw this 60 dps xbow to 80 dps and make it far better then other Dawn's that don't have a socket in it.

My question is, did I get lucky and I have a legendary that I can actually put up for 2 mill and it sell easily? Are sockets the game changer for legendary weapons?
Hate to break it to you, but no ones gonna buy a dawn for 2 mil, or anything even remotely close to that. Until PvP is intiated and people are twinking, low-mid level items are not going to be worth much. I bought a dawn for 100k a couple days ago, and felt stupid and immediately sold it back; prices on low-mid level legendarys are dropping fast.

And yes sockets are good obviously, and will probably become better when blizzard eventually adds more gems and/or runes
The 2 mill was an exageration to make a point. People charge these HUGE sums for legendaries at mid level that will still be replaced at some point. My question was/is what makes a legendary worth the gold for it? Surely by getting a socket I've now got a scaleable weapon at least for a while which means I can throw it up for something appropriate.
I have found the exact same legendary but obviously everything in D3 is random stats. Luckily I got this version:

61.9 dps
4-12 holy damage
110 dex
17 vit
12% damage
11% attack speed
1 socket

Which in my eye is most likely the absolute best item you can get at level 31 for a Demon hunter and seeing as I play a Witch doctor and i'm now level 38 with a weapon that has 99 int and low vit/dps with no sockets or any other stats I can tell that whoever wields this will not replace it for a long time (perhaps +8-10 levels).

I may be wrong however I feel this would fetch for a fortune in the AH (later on) as some people may want to make Nightmare a little easier. I shall be giving it to my girlfriend however since 30k-100k is nothing in this game i've only played for 2 days and i've already made 240k.

My point is don't bother selling your legendarys because:
-They are supposed to be really rare and you won't see many drop, is it really worth selling it for 1-2 days of gold you would accumulate anyway?
-People have only just started the game, if you wait a while you will get more for your items as people will have more money and less things to spend it on.

Just my 2 cents.

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